Saturday, October 21, 2006

having fun at work

It was snowing here this morning. Seriously, it shocked me, especially since I'd forgotten my winter coat in BC.

My suite is on the near top floor of a beautiful hotel in Calgary, just four blocks from where I'm teaching my weekends classes at CAPC. Today's two went great and by the end of the second class the organizer of this trip of mine had decided along with others that I must return again. We're already looking at and planning new dates for other classes, how wonderful.

Room service, plush robe, new friends, future work bookings and three different play opportunities, damn has my weekend ever been incredible. (so far)

Tomorrow I'm teaching a final class, a four hour intensive on Women's Dominance and then jumping right back on a plane and heading home to Vancouver and my daughter.

My life is brilliant and I'm so blessed.

Friday, October 20, 2006

clit pump get's praise

This man was in my last Genital Play class and saw me using a snake bite kit on a naked woman. I had her on a massage table, legs spread, and I put it straight over her clit and sucked the whole clitoris and it's hood inside. This of course creates quite the suction you see and can really elongate the clitoris.

Anyways this man, Brian wrote to ask me a question about a URL and this was the other paragraph from him regarding my telling him to purchase himself a snake bite kit for sex play.

Oh I got one of my own, and tried it out. What you might like is that while these were attached to a pair of nipples, and while I was doing a good job massaging her G-Spot, my partner started yelling "Oh God, Oh God", I corrected her and told her she should be thanking Jennifer. It was quite interesting to see her writhing through her third G-Spot orgasm of the evening, crying "thank you Jennifer, Oh thank you Jennifer".

Thank you Jennifer


NOTE: Brian's name was changed of course for privacy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

on line survey and focus groups

The Centre is conducting a Feasibility Study to determine if Vancouver’s LGTB communities need and have the capacity to develop and maintain a new cultural community centre for the LGTB communities and our allies. The first part of the study is a broad-based consultation with the communities this fall. This is an open process --- anyone can take part!

An online survey is now available in addition to Focus Groups and Public Meetings. All are invited to participate in the survey. Please click to get started.

For more information about Focus Groups and Public Meetings click here.

Thank you!

Becky Herrmann,

Director, Board of Directors

Pacific Foundation for the Advancement of Minority Equality (PFAME).

The Centre
1170 Bute Street
Vancouver B.C. V6E 1Z6

Spice Up Your Sex Life

A few days ago I lost an old friend and a hero of mine to death & still have some family stuff going on that's taking much of my emotional energy, it's been a time of personal reflection for me lately and sadness. (2 deaths in a month has been too much to handle)

I'm busy, busy, busy getting ready to fly to Calgary, Alberta tomorrow for the weekend. There's three classes that I'm teaching as you can see in the poster here and today is being spent packing for each of them.

Friday night is the Realm of Fantasy Play Party and a must attend for me!

Saturday night is a swingers social which permits light SM, as sex is permitted and some light play it may be fun for me to attend, though I am teaching an Intensive on Sunday and do need solid rest before hand.

The chance to play in a new environment sounds cool. From the moment my plane lands in Calgary I'll be on the prowl for someone to bottom to me in service, SM and sex, and perhaps a male Top to beat me in a completely different scene.

Off to finish packing and to ready for my class tonight at Little Sister's Book Store, I'm teaching Sex Tips From a Bi Sexual Woman.