Friday, January 13, 2006

an email

this email came to me this morning from a couple who I don't know. They found themselves in a class of mine the other night at The Taboo Show, my Sex Tips From A BiSexual Woman. I thought I'd share how new people "view" me when coming across me in a workshop setting.

Hi Jennifer,

We just wanted to extend our thanks for your workshop seminar you conducted at the Taboo Sex Show Thursday evening. We attended the first one of the evening - the one with the faulty headset - and we thoroughly enjoyed it! It was my first experience at the sex show with my partner, and her first time ever.

We talked the whole way home about how impressed we were with your character and maturity. While we agreed that some people may be offended by a presentation like that - and if they are they shouldn't be at the sex show to begin with - but we were both struck by your self-assurance. You really come across as someone who is comfortable with who she is and doesn't worry what naysayers may think, and that's a very admirable quality. And somewhat rare these days.

My partner absolutely adored your frank choices of words - in fact, we both groan with embarassment when so-called "sex experts" shy away from real language. We enjoyed hearing about new and often confusing things in plain, everyday, easy-to-understand language. So thanks for that.

We are new to alternative sexuality but in the year we've been together we have come to realize we're both very curious and open-minded. So our next step is to figure out where our interests lie, and where they may take us. Thanks for a positive and highly enjoyable 'initiation'!!

Tom and Sue
(names changed to protect all)

oh and by the way, I'm teaching at Taboo Saturday afternoon again, 2 classes, and another on Sunday. Sex Tips, Erotic Wax and Ice Play & Tie Me To The Bed Posts Please! If you plan on attending, look for me and let's say say Hi!



Thursday, January 12, 2006

class, toys, surgery date change

at 7:00pm this evening I was on stage wearing a head set at The Taboo Show in downtown Vancouver. Wow, what an amazing experience to do a 30 minute demo of Sex Tips From A Bi Sexual Woman in such a venue at such a fast pace. There was just no way for me to get in any more information than I did, time was short but the sex tips were plenty. It's such a high to watch the look of recognition wash across peoples faces as what I'm educating about rings true for them or stirs something in them.

Plenty of familiar faces present from Vancouver's sex positive communities. Many people I knew professionally & personally through the sex industry or through events I host or attend were there, it was great to be able to catch up with 20% of my address book at once.

At 9:00pm I was sitting naked under a blanket with my daughter on the sofa at home, cuddled up watching tv. In my room is my rolling suitcase with my workshop aids in it and a few bags of new sex toys, books and products that need to be explored and tried out, about 20 new items to add to the collection. (toys will be gone over tomorrow when child is in school) And before you gasp at the number of new toys I left with, know that I gained everything in the name of sex positive education.

Sitting in the back of mind all day has been some news that I've been rolling around trying to come to terms with. My surgery date has been moved to January 18, which is next Wednesday. Given that I thought I had till Feb 1 to prepare emotionally for the surgery, it seems that with the event happening next week, I will have no time to work myself in to a frenzy. Between motherhood and 4 more events before the big day, it would seem that I'm meant to fly in the front door of the hospital, and fly right back out the Exit when done, with a magic wand to sprinkle me with speedy recovery time before returning to work.

two more teaspoons of Robitussin for my head / chest cold that I'm currently nursing and now I'm going to bed...

hugs to you all, and thank you to everyone who brought me treats tonight at the show and little gifts, I enjoyed meeting all the new faces from the mailing list and seeing some of you friends that I don't run across all that often


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

readying for class

home packing for my class this evening in Bellingham for the Triskelli Guild. I'm teaching Sex Tips From A BiSexual Woman, a popular class these days of mine and one that I'm presenting twice for the Taboo Show later this week as well. Come down and check out the demo's I'll be doing. Please note, that due to the venue, setting and numbers of people in attendance, these will be demo's only and not full length workshops. (though some of the visuals may titillate you!)

Website has been updated with Naughty Party details for this coming January 27. Now I'm off to the Post Office, the bank and the printers.

This was sent out to be distributed widely...


ANNOUNCING: FTM 2006: A Gender Odyssey
September 1st -4th, 2006
CONTACT INFO: FTM 2006: A Gender Odyssey
PMB# 796, 1122 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122
Check out our new website!

SEATTLE, WA: FTM 2006: A Gender Odyssey is a national conference for masculine-identified people who were assigned female gender at birth. It is a place for us to gather together, share our lives, learn from one another, and celebrate our communities. This conference offers a variety of workshops and discussions addressing the practical aspects of trans lives. Accompanying events include a vendor fair, art exhibit, BBQ, cabaret, all-ages dance, and more.

This conference is also open to anyone interested in the topics to be covered. Whether you are new to thinking about your gender, well-established in your identity, FTM, trans, genderqueer, MTF, part of any of these communities because of the people you love, or simply questioning the role of gender in your life, FTM 2006: A Gender Odyssey is open to you.

Programming and the newly-formed Advisory Committee
The majority of workshops and panels offered at this conference are selected from our attendees own programming submissions. Last year's outreach efforts were successful in measurable ways and we want to continue in this vein. We invite and encourage workshop proposals in the following areas:

* Submissions from people of color on all topics
* Older and/or post-transitioned FTMs and transmen
* Medical/mental health professionals
* Families
* Partners past, present, and future

Gender Odyssey now has an independent Advisory Committee in addition to its organizing committee. We are excited to incorporate this volunteer-driven committee whose purpose is to evaluate conference programming, ensure a balanced and inclusionary schedule, and offer creative programming suggestions. This group will assist in outreach to people of color (poc) with the intent of increasing poc attendance and participation.

Register Early!!
Don't wait until the last minute to register. Our early bird registration rate is over 35% lower than if you wait until you get to town. This rate won't last long March 31st so mark it on your calendar and tell your friends!

TRANSLATIONS: Seattle's First Transgender Film Festival - Call for Entries!
TRANSLATIONS seeks entries for its 2006 Labor Day festival. Please see our website for more details.

Now in its fourth year, Gender Odyssey returns to the convention center.
Based on attendee feedback, we will return to the Washington State Convention and Trade Center. Friendliness of convention center staff, workshops in one centralized location, and proximity to the host hotel were some of the merits cited.

Monday, January 09, 2006

in the parkade

today dressed in camouflage military cap & button-down shirt (with a pink sweater underneath) with jeans folded up to my knees and boots on my feet. New boots made of rubber; hot pink flowers with shiny black background & yellow detailing. When my daughter awoke this morning to my rousing her for school, she looked at me hard, and the visual of me had her chuckling and shaking her head. "Are you serious Mom?"

Walking through the parkade to the car, as I was doing my mother duties of chauffeuring my child to school and a man is sitting working on his truck in a parking stall. Being polite and neighborly I introduce myself and say Good Morning, commenting on the rainy weather; we chat for a brief minute as I continue to walk to my car.

Drive my daughter to school, come home for the day to work, then at 2:45 I'm driving up my street when I see something stuck under my windshield wiper. Pulling over, quickly and inquisitively, I snatch up the green business card.

The card states the occupation of the owner on one side, and on the other, written in pen is
Hi Jennifer Give Me A Call, Ed 604 555 1234
Maybe we can have a nice visit. L8R

How to deal with this I'm unsure. I'd thought that seeing me dressed as I was he would have been shocked at my boldness and gone the other way. Remember, my daughter and I are holding hands, I'm obviously an oddly dressed, living his own building, single parent; surely a sane man would not have left his card and number on my windshield. Sighs, but he did and now I need to be polite again and give him a call and tell him that I'm not available.

Oh I am so not available. chuckle, chuckle, chuckle


I saw this on a bumper sticker today "When the power of love, Overcomes the love of power, The world will know peace."