Saturday, November 07, 2009

Soon to Erupt




Canceling two of my classes today and only doing the 8 and 10 PM ones.

Spending the afternoon napping and attempting to catch my breath.

Friday, November 06, 2009

Half Way Over Now

Day Two of Taboo is complete and another three classes went off fantastically for me. I could not have done it all though without the help of Sheryl and Jason - kudos to you both for your tireless support of me today and yesterday.

My legs from just above the knees down to each toe on each foot look not only unfamiliar, but oddly misshapen. They are also in great discontent. This, despite the fact that I wore flat shoes all day and taught from a leather sofa and when not teaching was sitting on said sofa with my legs elevated.

We are home and in good spirits, as the day was successful. But with all sincerity I am so tired I could cry and all I want is to be rid of back and leg pain.

Tylenol 3's are what I have been using to manage but these are wreaking havoc on my digestive track now.

Two days of the show left, I've made it now to the half way point.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Survived .... barely

Day 1 of Taboo is over.

I could cry right about now, but that would take more energy than I have available.

So instead I am going to bed.

I need to lay flat for a long time, both to sleep and recuperate and to get the edema to go down in my legs.

Tomorrow is already fast approaching and I can't say at this moment that I'm looking forward to it.

Perhaps a good rest will change my perspective.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Head Down and Engaged

It's madness around our house today. I had an appointment to get highlights in my hair at the unheard of hour of nine thirty in the morning. Then by eleven I was at the printers picking up my handouts for Taboo. At twelve thirty, I was over at the seamstress's house packing the oversize genitalia into my vehicle.

At one thirty I was at my Obstetricians, where he told me that the little fellow is now head down and engaged. This means, I am ready to go into labor AT-ANY-TIME-NOW. Dear god this is all happening fast.

Then by two thirty I was back home unloading the Jeeps contents into our foyer, and stuffing a sandwich into myself for some nourishment. Spent an hour on the computer, then went to the bank and the grocery store for a spice I needed for tonight's dinner.

At four thirty I was laid out naked aside from my panties while my registered massage therapist started our forty five minute session of her working out the knots in my pregnant and stressed body.

Home by five forty five, where by I cooked dinner, then had a bath. Then for the last few hours, I have been packing my class teaching bags for tomorrow's two classes and one main stage show.

I lack the skill set necessary to do nothing and find it difficult to even slow down. This is a bad trait and one I wish I did not possess. I'm an over achiever.

Jason's mom arrives tomorrow and will be at Taboo. Her plan is simple: shop, hang out, and take in every thing that I am hosting.

The show does not open till five at night, but we need to arrive early in order to set up. Plus this is when I do so much networking, before the shoppers arrive and when it is only the business owners.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Deflated Testicle

Thanks Karen, for solving my truck needed situation from yesterday. It's great to be surrounded by so many wonderful supportive friends. You and your family are amazing.

*** *** *** *** ***

This morning I awoke to a crisis email. The seamstress designing my massive vulva and penis teaching aides, wrote to say that overnight, one of the testicles had become deflated.

I just bought the two (squishy bouncy) balls last week at Toy's R Us, and already one is deflated. Apparently with a slow leak. Not good at all. Plus the seamstress had already put them inside the scrotum, so more work to get them out, and new ones in.

So I was at Walmart early this morning to purchase more balls. And given the dimensions of the completed penis, I was told I could go up a size, so I bought two 10 inch testicles, rather than the 8 inch ones previously. More proportionate.

The original balls, were swirly blue. Irrelevant the color due to them being covered in batting and inside a scrotum. None-the-less amusing that blue balls were used for such a purpose.

This time round, the store had no plain balls in the size needed. I ended up purchasing Disney printed balls. Ready for it ... I ended up with two Tinker Balls. So when you see me using my new aides, you'll know that the testicles are actually Tinkerbell balls.

It is oddly perverse and amusingly enough, just another example of how extraordinary my life is.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Make a Woman Happy

Too much going on. So much so that my weekly To-Do List is currently a list of Must Complete Today items.

The most pressing item on my mind at this moment that needs problem solved....

Want to help me with something and make me smile all at once.

Do you have a truck? Can it be borrowed on Thursday morning for a few hours?

I have swag and perks to offer. (gas money, free tickets to Taboo, and a few other nuggets)

Please oh pretty please. Email me if possible. We need to move a few Libido Lounge items from our facility to downtown Vancouver for The Taboo Sex Show.


Sunday, November 01, 2009


Yesterday it took eleven people four hours and twenty two minutes to move Libido Lounge from it's original home, to its new home. A fair bit of work but with so many enthusiastic helpers what looked like it could have been a daunting task was for the most part ... easy. Note that I use the word "easy" as a pregnant woman who did not move a single thing, and who basically just directed.

Two years in our first place of business and now a new place to call our own for the next three years. Pretty damn impressive, wait till you check it out for yourself.

The changes are huge....

Ceiling height a few floors high, so just call the height "massive".
Dedicated carpeted office space, separate from the event space completely.
Concrete floors.
Loading bay doors
A lobby/check in area
Fully wheel chair accessible
A kitchen.
Event areas have 2 painted black walls, and another in stone concrete.
Free parking
Close to Sky Train, 1.5 blocks
A mezzanine
Heat and air conditioning
Alarm system
More than double our previous sq. footage

There will be renewals happening and due for many of our members as they first arrive to the new Lounge. Your renewal rate is $25 for 1 year and without making this payment in cash first you will not permitted inside past the lobby. This amount will be due on top off whatever event fee you will be charged for that current dates offering.

Each member will be made to sign a waiver with our new location on it and the current date, this will be valid for one year. There are a few updates to membership information for members to note:

1. there are no in and out privileges at any of our events, for any reason
2. zero tolerance for poor treatment of other members or drama

3. no (flannel) robes or boxer shorts for men at any party
4. no outside food or drinks permitted
5. no personal electronics of any variety
6. no conversations about any illegal activity
7. we reserve the right to refuse membership & guest privileges to anyone at our discretion
8. failure to be appropriately dressed will have you refused entry