Saturday, April 04, 2009

Teasing Class Burnaby

Tonight is the Couples Sex Party and there is quite the line of sexy folks attending. The workshop on Threesomes and Group Sex Play is full and the party is at 80% capacity. Should be a rather fast paced evening for all involved and I suspect I'll be wiped out by the end of it all.

Tomorrow my Interactive Couples Only class on Extended Teasing & The Art Of Foreplay is full too. It is going to be one busy and smoking hot afternoon that is for certain.

Then later Sunday afternoon, the man and I are off to look at houses with our Realtor. This excites me to no end and is something I am really looking forward too.

Now, I need to take a nap before all the festivities begin as the next twenty four hours are full of action and draining of my energy levels.

Friday, April 03, 2009

The Pee that changed my life

The last few days I had been doing the pee test. Every time I went to the bathroom and wiped and found the toilet paper white and not red with blood, I was confident that I was pregnant.

I told the man the same too.

He declares, "your not pregnant, we JUST started trying."

I say, oh but I am.

He chuckles and tells me he'll believe me when we have a conclusive test result.

Thursday I add an eleven dollar pregnancy test to our $340 grocery order. Drank a large container of chocolate milk, then drove home.

While unloading the mountain of groceries there was the test.

We ripped it open together. He stood next to me while I peed on the stick.

Three minutes later, the proof was right in front of us.

I screamed once loudly, then bounced out of the bathroom with my knees wobbly as hell.

He stood there holding the damn stick, till the teenager came over with a big smile and grabbed it from him.

Seems I was correct, I knew what I was speaking of.

His parents have been notified, and mine are next. Monday is already booked with a doctors appointment.

Wow, it's all happening so fast.

Photo Evidence

Times are changing.

Last time I was pregnant was 16 years ago, and I was not yet kinky. It will be interesting to see how pregnancy and kink life mesh for me.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Masturbation Memories

Last night at The Lounge was our monthly Jack & Jill event. There were a hell of a lot of people present and the night was chock full of action.

Due to the nature of the evening, it really is critical that people be on time, it gives the group time to gel. Our doors opened at 6:50 and were locked at 7:10 leaving a twenty minute window for arrival.

We spent the first fifty minutes sharing stories of our first orgasms, the where, the how and whether we actually new what to expect. Each person took the floor for a few minutes and the memories came forth of such young experiences, hearing everyone tell their own tale was liberating, poignant and certainly enlightening too.

The final hour and twenty was spent jacking and jilling off. Lights dimmed, candles lit, heat on high, everyone out of their clothes it was erotic and the energy level in the air was high.

There were three different couples that put on sex shows, they hit pretty much every flat surface in the place, and were awesome entertainment. Three different women rode sex machines and a man too. Watching this action was steamy and jaw dropping for some.

Our ratio of men to women last night was 3:2. Lots of eye candy, you couldn't escape it and it made for a memorable night for sure.

Three women all brought Hitatchi's, myself included. We all laid on the same bed together and had an orgasm contest, while women fluffers sucked our nipples and kissed our bodies. It was pretty damn amazing.

There was massage going on with vibrating gloves by one man, there was porn in every room and people who had never met before were busy making out.

There was a circle jerk in the back room with a couple of women and a number of men, everywhere I looked there was hotness.

Last night was the epitome of perfect for a Jack & Jill event. Hot, heavy, orgasmic, lots of women, lots of men, happy people, and new friendships made.

The down side: because we now lock our doors to late arrivals a few people came late, and found I was serious when I stated in newsletters that the doors would be locked. They missed out on an action packed night of really amazing pleasure. Don't be late, we mean it, you won't get in, no matter who you are.

Now if you want something truly amazing to do this Saturday, check out our Couples Only Sex Party. You've still got time to send in your reservations so get on it. There are plenty of other amazing couples signed up, come meet them and party with us on Saturday.


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Planning Ahead

It seems my mans birthday is fast approaching and since he is such a class act, he deserves a day that will knock his socks off. I think I shall be able to accomplish this too.

He's been informed that he needs to get off of work early, and luckily he asked no questions as to why. Not that I would have answered him anyways.

I've got a thing or two up my sleeve, designed to please him and want the whole experience to be super special and memorable as hell.

It's not the sort of gift that just anyone could pull-off, so I am certain he will be in his glory as the day unfolds.

Love and Compersion will be what makes this say so special.

==== ===== ===== ==== ===== =====

Tomorrow is......

WEDNESDAY APRIL 1, 7:00 - 9:30 PM
dinner served promptly at 7:30pm
Deviant Dining with Special Guest Presentation BC Center for Disease Control
DROP - IN $10 Member * $15 Non Member * Life Time Members $5
(non members must bring government issued photo ID)

A free workshop on STi's - sexually transmitted infections, and how to keep yourself and your toys safe

DEVIANT DINING is a Potluck Dinner.

Our popular social dinner event, come meet the other members and enjoy a decadent evening of food and friends.

BRING A DISH that serves Generously 4-6 & we'll take care of the rest of the fine details! Exquisite Company. Sultry dinner conversations.

Mark your calendars now: 1st & 3rd Wednesday every month!

You just need to bring your sexy self, and a dish that is pre cooked and requires no kitchen help, we supply the beverages and accompanying dinner needs.

A great event for those who are looking to make connections and friendships, low key and casual.

DRESS CODE: Clothing is a must. No work clothes. Dress Up a Little if you'd like, some have been known to show up in formal attire even. There is no play at this event, it is a social dinner evening.

Open to Women and Men, Couples and Singles.

This edition, Wednesday of Deviant Dining has the BC Center for Disease Control attending to lead a phenomenal interactive discussion on STI's and how to keep yourself and your toys safe. An excellent opportunity for our members to get their questions answered factually and from a source of much knowledge.


Come and enjoy a night of dining, a discussion about sexual health and get your questions answered regarding safer sex, toy cleaning and STI information.

Derek Kline is a Registered Nurse who works as an Outreach Nurse with the BC Center for Disease Control . He has worked in sexual health for over 9 years. Derek will be presenting information about sexually transmitted infections, and give time for questions and answers. All are welcome. Derek Kline BN MPH.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Masturbation Event

Listen up all you masturbators, exhibitionists and voyeurs, this Tuesday (tomorrow) is your chance to join in on our monthly very popular masturbation event. There will plenty of people to meet, watch and potentially play with, wear your best smile and see what kind of naughtiness you can get up to.


You MUST remember to bring your own toys AND a towel, or *no* play.
Jack & Jill is a drop in event, so just show up, you do not need to reserve.

Tuesday March 31
7:00 - 9:15 PM

Jack & Jill - masturbation event
open to couples, singles, men & women
$25 member / $40 member couple / $30 non member

Hour long moderated discussion & social time followed by masturbation play

QUESTION THIS MONTH: When did you have your first orgasm? (No, you silly goose, not date and time, but when in your life?) What were the circumstances? How old were you? What did you think? Had you known what to expect?

This a fantastic group scenario scene, multiple people masturbating in various forms. Women and men, couples and singles. Join us and of course I am there as a participant every month, making it easy for other single women to join in.

First hour is a discussion on a subject relating to masturbation.

Mandatory: Must attend the discussion in order to participate in the second half of the event. This allows a chance for everyone to get comfortable with one another while engaged in a conversation and still dressed. Remaining time is masturbation.

Be a voyeur or be an exhibitionist. Masturbate yourself, your date, or perhaps a new friend!

Space is set aside for sex. Put on a show if you'd like, you'll have many admirers.

Light snacks, drinks, pornography on the LCD projector, music.

Event Rules will be posted when you arrive. Please ensure you read them carefully once you arrive.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Deviant Supplies

Change is in the air. Spring is here and that which is dusty and stale is being made fresh. Care to give a girl a hand?

I'm in need of a new bio written for myself, both for media purposes and for printed promotional documents.

One biography should be short and concise, about 4-6 sentences and the other longer at 2-3 paragraphs.

I of course have all the information, I just need someone skilled at writing such things to put it together for me. Could this be you? If it is, I would be so relieved to hear from you, drop me an email quickly please to


On an unrelated note, I acquired a vast quantity of new toys and sexy accouterments. Taboo has copious amounts of garbage items, a number of decent products and a way smaller list of stellar must haves.

I needed some new items for classes and presentations and so some shopping ensued. Some things were gifted to me by stores and others were outright purchases, and a tax right off as well.

  • 10 vibrating cock rings
  • male masturbators
  • gorgeous stockings
  • new strap-on harness
  • Silicone Anal Beads
  • G-Spot stimulator
  • Cock Sleeve
  • Remote Control Vibrator w/ vaginal insert