Saturday, May 17, 2008

Disney does cock

It stands so proud, and I can see it clearly. Can you see the phallus shaped object in the photo art for The Little Mermaid?

Way to go Disney!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Restraining Order, bondage Vancouver

It can be said that I do well with structure and routine. Hosting events on a regular night of the week, bi monthly is starting to grow on me. Like, a lot.

It was Restraining Order, our bondage night tonight, and wow did we ever have fun. Most everyone played, it was a real hoot. I have no idea how things got rolling but once they did, they ran through till it was past closing. A very cute girl got tied to the bondage chair. Someone brought their Humbler. Chest harnesses were a plenty. A couple tied together, her on top him, both of them legs splayed, on the bondage table.

The new lay-out is working well for people and I think this gave us more freedom to move about. Somehow I found myself locked inside a cage and being poked by silly perverts with bamboo skewers. I laughed so much my sides hurt.

Some new faces at RO as well, the night is developing its own crowd and energy. We are now realizing that the night as of May should be 3 hours long instead of two and half to give every one more time to play and hang out with friends.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sexy Board Game Night

We played a most unusual version of Scrabble at Vanilla Night Out earlier tonight, "Sex Words".

Playing against one another for most points, was two teams of two. You had the ability to combine letters (14 tiles) and talk with your partner. The end result was longer and more creative word usage.

I present to you, the finished board. (click to enlarge and giggle)

And yes, there were even some naked boobies around.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

from a new couple

Upon asking a couple whom had attended Sultry if they could write something for me about their experience, this is what I received from them.

This is Sultry

Its a cold rainy night and we're chilled to the bone. We're damp when we arrive – my husband is shivering, I am shaking. Maybe its more than just the cold however – we are nervous. This is the first time we've done “something like this” - we don't know what to expect. We've talked about what's OK and what's not; we've talked about our boundaries and limitations. We've got agreements – secret codes worked out in case one of us gets skittish. Seems like a lot of preparation for a night out at a sauna, but this is no ordinary night out.

Inside we find warmth – the sauna is HOT but beyond that, the company is charming and welcoming. Jennifer meets us at the door with a hug and subtly suggests that the flimsy pieces of clothing we're climbing into might be better suited staying in the locker. After all, she explains, everything in there (gesturing the the showers and saunas beyond) is awfully wet...

We sit in the hot sauna, and exchange pleasantries with the other couples enjoying the heat. And man is is hot. I feel my skin dripping and wet and I smell the soothing embrace of eucalyptus in the steam. I feel my reservations starting to melt away, and when I lean over to rub my husbands shoulders, I feel his tension slowly diffusing.

As the night continues, we find ourselves in a whirlwind of sexiness and fun. The enjoyment is contagious; everyone is feeling it. Bodies are starting to rub together, couples starting to caress one another. The anticipation is reaching a crescendo and then all of a sudden, the fun begins. Couples start to gravitate to tables, to showers, to benches. Hands start to explore, mouths start to mingle, bodies begin to merge. We watch for a bit, cuddling in a shower, before going to enjoy some time together in the somewhat less hot sauna. There's another couple in there, but that fine. We're both exhibitionists, and I love having the eye candy. Even though the only person I play with all night is my husband (like most, if not all, of the couples there) I get to experience the decadent energy flowing through the place as the sounds of slurping, squishing, smacking and sucking resonate off the tiled walls.

There's something for everyone. Off to the side, there are semi private booths, cramped and clean, but still illicit enough that is feels so dirty-sexy giving my husband a blow job. Adding to the allure is the knowledge that our moans are dancing across the ears of other similarly engaged guests. Massage tables pepper the locker room, there is spanking and massaging and all sorts of wonderful things to watch. And then, of course, there's the shower room – filled with playfulness and joviality. Cold water splashes back and forth, shrieks reverberate through the shower sprays. There are water guns and water balloons and somehow, they bring out the bratty kid in so many of us. And when that gets a little too cold, or when the mood strikes, we gallivant back into the sauna, to steam in the comfort of our skin, watching the sweat glisten and roll down the curves of so many beautiful bodies.

When the night is done, we emerge, smiling from the sauna house, and confront the cold night air once again. Its been a wonderful night – we're both sated for now, and happy. Our boundaries were not pushed in the slightest – we played together and it was awesome. I can't help but wonder what we were so worried about. Back at home, we revisit the evening, talking about our impressions and feelings about everything we experienced.. I listen to my husband talking about all the great stuff we saw and did, and it makes me want to tear into him, again. But before I do, I can't help but think I am so glad we went. Oh yes, we'll be going back.