Saturday, October 07, 2006

the types of couples I coach

(note: reprinted with full permission & blessing by author, names were of course changed)

Ever wondered who hires me and for what reason/s?

This very attractive couple lives out in Abbotsford, no children, nice home, good neighborhood and has worked with me privately before and we have plans again next week for another four hour private class together.

Hi Jennifer. Frank here, remember me, I hired you in Feb for a Dominance
empowerment private lesson for my wife and her best friend?

Well a couple of months later and I am thinking about hiring you again
for late sept (22nd or23rd) on a friday or sat night for a seminar for
my wife and some of her girlfriends before they go out for a night on
the town. I was thinking about the cocksucking class ( and dang if I do
not write you the strangest emails) again early evening starting at 6 or
7 pm. I am asking you in advance so as to go with what is convenient for
you. so let me know what is good for you.

Secondly I am curious if you would like to do some tutoring/sexpositive
advocacy with my wife and myself. Preferably together, or seperate with
my wife depending on dynamics and comfort level in order to have a
strong dialogue. I know that my wife felt extremely ovewhelmed after her
last session with you You gave her too many options :)

BUT I also know that about a month after she was feeling more
comfortable with it all and I came into the bedroom to find her dressed
ready to impress and she DOMinated and totally (no hiding her arousal)
got off on making me submit. (heh I did not mind at all totally new and
wonderfull experience for me as it showed me that even though I had done
a bit of slap and tickle I had no idea what we where missing out on
cause I was missing the mark as it were.

Betty and I have a nice strong marriage and a very nice sex life, with
heaps of openness when it comes to most all aspects. But I think that
sitting down with you as a couple and having an honest open discussion
with someone who has made a strong and sexpositive impression on both of
us. Would at the very least give us some ideas and to quote you "improve
our game" would be a bonus, cause I think we are playing the game pretty
darn amazingly now.

Anyways after she reads this (not a Bday surprise this time) she can
send it to you. Looking forward to hearing from you either by phone
604-XXX-XXXX or via email at your convenience.

Frank & Betty

Friday, October 06, 2006

Deviant Liquid Latex & Little Sister's

Just off the phone with Jim over at Little Sisters Book Store we talked shop & had a laugh as well. I'm teaching there this Sunday, a class on Liquid Latex, how cool is that!

October 8 Sunday
2:00 - 4:00
Liquid Latex - an interactive class
open to men & women
presented by Jennifer
1238 Davie Street Vancouver @ Little Sisters Book Store
604 669 1753
$15 both advance tickets or pay at the door

Is it art? Clothing? A fetish? It's simply just deviant. Liquid Latex, painted as a single layer coating adheres to the skin as your second skin. Applied many layers over it becomes a top, thong, bold words written across your chest or perhaps a cat suit or hot shorts for your night at the club or in the bedroom! When dried it forms custom wearable rubber clothing & masks for your deviant side.

Jennifer will demonstrate on models a variety of techniques useful to making Liquid Latex a sexy success.

Liquid Latex, rollers & brushes will be available for sale after the class, stock up now either for your intimate play or for your Halloween costume. Ideas a plenty.

Bonus: your ticket to the workshop is also good for 20% off merchandise.

I was pleased to learn that Little Sisters has already started a wait list for my next Cock Sucking class at their store, given that the first one there went so well. Currently I'm teaching six classes from my Erotic Arts Curriculum for them and more up and coming.

We're booking the next round of classes for me to be teaching soon, I'm thrilled to be at Little Sisters and enjoying the opportunities it's presenting me with.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

finding a nut

I need to find walnuts still in the shell. Medium to large size.

Three dozen of them to be precise.

Anybody know where to find walnuts? Or have 36 walnuts that I can get from you in the next week?

You'd be my hero, thank you.

Good night.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Oral Pleasure

always makes me feel at least some what better, then again, so does a good beating. Endorphins and orgasms, yummy!

This type of pleasure though isn't on any recommended diet especially when eaten in a single session by one person and it leaves behind no bruises. Chocolate.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

challenging times

Work load, family commitments and life are overwhelming.