Saturday, August 04, 2007

Todays Mail-Out

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This email is a reminder about tonight's, SATURDAY AUGUST 4th PLAY PARTY starting at 8:00 p.m and running through to 1:30 a.m. A write up about the Play Party followed by 20 Tips for Success at the party for you to read over before attending. A small write up about parking, reminders about clothing requirements and how to store your belongings at our party, plus at the very end of this mail out is a small list of needed items. If your attending tonight's party, look around your home today to see if you have any of the aforementioned items to donate. Thank you and I can't wait to see you all tonight! This Play Party has no guest list, it is a show up and buy your tickets at the door event.

Located in downtown Vancouver at the corner of Hornby and Dunsmuir Streets for those driving OR easily accessible bus and by Sky Train as we are one block from the Burrard Street Train Station for those relaying on Transit. This is your opportunity to partake in carnal pleasures, meet new friends and watch others enjoy themselves. Join us...

August 4 Saturday 8:00pm - 1:30am
PLAY PARTY- a sex-positive event
brought to you by Libido Events
The Hornby - 3rd Floor 595 Hornby Street [at Dunsmuir] Vancouver BC

Tickets: $25 Woman / $50 Couples & Single Men - pay at door, cash

*No membership required, must be 19 years +

The elevator doors open into a red-carpeted room lit with light bright enough to see by yet dim enough to create an inviting mood. A smiling volunteer offers to check any coats and bags you won't be needing for the evening ahead of you. Then after making your payment, you are finally permitted to see what is behind the screen blocking your view of the rooms and noise beyond.

A full pay bar sits at one side of the main room (you can leave your credit card with them), which holds chairs and candle-lit tables with light snacks for a casual socializing atmosphere. Further on, there is a massive room, 2500 sq. ft set up with BDSM furniture (suspension frames, spanking benches, tables with anchor points, intermixed with massage tables and other naughty sex pieces) and beyond them is a no-voyeurs room for couples only sex play with six full beds and 1000 sq ft. The space has music piped in and contains a stocked area of safer sex supplies, fresh bedding, massage oils and cleanup supplies. Even if you are early, you may see someone already at play in the rooms -- people here are keen to have fun and make the most of their night out.

A Libido Events Naughty Party has an atmosphere distinctly different from a fetish night. It shares the no-streetwear rule: wear your fetish wear, sexy clothing or even nothing at all (the temperature on this floor is set to "naked"). No jeans, sweat pants, boxer shorts or flannel pj bottoms. Dress to impress. However, the main difference is that sex and kink are not kept separate. You are as likely to see someone tied to a table and receiving oral sex as you are to see someone bent over getting a spanking or flogging. Swingers, kinksters, voyeurs, exhibitionists and people of every sexuality are welcome. Come see for yourself what a Naughty Party is like.


Jennifer's Tips for a Successful Experience at a Libido Events Play Party

1. Be friendly, make eye contact and introduce yourself to everyone you meet or sit next to. Smile.

2. Be complimentary of the people you meet, there is an attractive quality in or on everyone, find it and make that your compliment. Watch what happens when you make someone feel good about themselves.

3. Keep a respectable distance when watching people play and offer no comments, positive or otherwise. Make no deliberate eye contact with people playing, it's a mood breaker that violates others sacred space.

4. Invite or offer play once to the person you’re interested in. If met by a no, accept it gracefully, don’t take it personally and move on; do not make a request of someone twice. Smile

5. If invited to play by someone that doesn’t interest you, be kind, yet firm, when saying no, and remember it took a lot of courage for that person to put themselves out there. Smile and be grateful for the attention.

6. Have no expectations, then what does happen, will be a bonus.

7. Watch whatever you like and turn your back on anything that isn't of interest to you, but never offer comment.

8. Buy someone a drink or exchange e-mail addresses, make a new friend, two or three.

9. Thank the volunteers that help make this event possible and make your experience a positive one. (makes them feel good and helps you get comfortable talking to people in sex-positive space)

10. If you have a problem with a person, an activity going on, or understanding something, find a Monitor (wearing a PINK armband) or Jennifer to help you figure things out.

11. Remember to treat the venue with respect & tidy up after yourself. This includes putting garbage in the proper containers supplied in each room. Changing your sheets in the sex room after using a bed and putting the soiled sheet in the rooms laundry bin. Spraying down a piece of equipment in the Play rooms after playing on it; use the sanitizer and paper towels provided.

12. Be prepared to talk about yourself in some way and at the same time, listen to who you are standing in front of. This is for those that are hoping to play with the person. Smile

13. Treat everyone well. You will want to be known as that type of person. This will make you more comfortable, thus making others comfortable with you and opportunities to present themselves.

14. Never touch someone without their full consent & welcome.

15. Adhere to our House Rules posted at the Naughty Party. Smile.

16. If you are a man attending and plan on attending alone, know that your chances for finding play in any form go up exponentially if you arrive with a date. You don’t need to play together, but arriving with someone makes you appear safer to others looking at you as a potential play partner for the evening.

17. Remember that you can attend the next Naughty Party and meet other new people then. This may be your first party but it's not ours, Libido Events is not going anywhere. So do not make snap decisions thinking that this will be your only opportunity, know that you can meet that person or opportunity here again and nothing will be lost. [only enhanced with want & time]

18. Libido Events supplies the equipment but you must bring your own sex toys. Clean up & safer sex supplies along with linens are all provided.
*bringing your own sex toys means items such as: favorite condoms, favorite lube, floggers, canes, handcuffs, rope, chains, paddles, house coats etc

19. Remember Naughty Parties have a dress code of sexy pajamas or fetish attire, absolutely no street wear of any kind. Those in street wear will not be permitted to enter. Smile.

20. If you're uncertain of what to wear, try something from this list of suggestions:

PJ's bottoms, Nighties, Lingerie, Silks, Lace, Bra and Panty sets, Nude, Sheer, Rope Harnesses, Chaps, Leather, Latex, PVC, Vinyl, Rubber, Wetlook, Body Paint, Saran Wrap, Liquid Latex, Corsets, Feathers, Thongs, Stockings, Spandex, Heels, Boots, Cabaret, Tuxedo Jacket [sans pants], Uniforms, Smoking Jackets, Kilts, Cross-Dress, Furry, Vintage, Victorian, Gothic, Gender-bend, Fetish Glam, Porn Star...or any other risqué costume you can dream up! Dress to impress and let your own personality shine in your choice of clothing or costume.

21. Leave your valuables at home. There is a bank machine in the building (though not on our floor) and the full bar does accept credit cards. Bring a small tote bag to put your street clothes in at our coat check once you arrive.


PLEASE REMEMBER: DONATIONS URGENTLY NEEDED of Clean, Used Double, Queen & King Sized Fitted Sheets. Bring them to the party and deposit to the bin at front registration. Thank you greatly they'll go to really good use as you can well imagine.


If you have any questions about attending any Libido Event, sex-positive culture, community resources, BDSM, Leather or Alternative Lifestyles then ask me as it is a sure fire way to get the answer that you are seeking. Use myself and Libido Events as your sex-positive resource as it really is my pleasure to help make your entry into sex-positive culture as smooth and as safe as can be.

Looking for private coaching with me? Or a private consultation? Want to book Libido Events to work with your group / school / program? E-mail me After reading


Sunday, July 29, 2007

ITW 2007

Wow, what a trip we had. The whole time we were away we were inundated with friends, good company and excellent weather. Could not have prayed for a better [work] holiday.

We were in Ferndale Washington at ITW, the annual fundraiser for the Triskeli Guild. So much happened that made me stop and go, I must blog about this but of course I did not bring a computer. Bear with me now as I try to recount but a few of the highlights of camping out with almost 200 kinky perverts in the middle of nowhere for days on end, with a goal of community building and fun in mind.


-time with RC away from the distractions of cell phones and computers

-selling RC on the auction block as a slave AND having a woman "buy" him

-watching RC enjoy his scene in the dungeon with the woman

-being Canadian amongst a lot of Yankees

-putting myself on the auction block as a slave AND watching the ensuing bidding war that took place, I was sold for the highest amount that day!

-being bought by a stranger, how scary/exciting

-getting tied to the strangers slave on the dungeon floor, then being caned and single tailed in the bright afternoon sun till my bottom looked unrecognizable

-teaching three classes that were not only full, but also truly well received by those there

-being asked to teach in the coming weeks in three different states (and I have only been to one of these states previously) at various other large kinky events

-I shared the purchase of a VERY hot young gay man on the auction block with a friend Sandy, we bought him for pussy licking

-Bella showed up for an evening with us and brought along her new guy

-The Betty Desire Show made me laugh so hard, it was great. Of course when not laughing I was singing along naked in my lawn chair.

-At the minimum I sucked Whipped Cream off of 25 different women's breasts, in less than 45 minutes no-less.

-Blow jobs out in the open that ended in rounds of applause and later, people inviting me into their scenes to ask me to demonstrate the techniques they saw earlier : ) : )

-Glory Hole made by a couple of the boys for anyones pleasure. It sure looked inviting to me.

-The Chili making competition and it's end results. No I do not mean the winner.

-Presents: A leather wearing pig. A rechargeable dildo by Fun Factory, oh my God am I ever a lucky woman. A pedicure. A beautiful mid-thigh length swing leather skirt. Spoiled silly, how great is that?

-The showers, any event that makes it possible for the masses to stay fresh and bathe, has my utmost respect. Thank you Vicki!

-Spending time with Lee Harrington catching up.

-Laying out on a bondage table tanning myself in the afternoon sun, then suddenly having multiple people surround the table, starting to rub my body, massaging me into bliss without my even having to ask or reciprocate.

-Aiding multiple friends to have orgasms.

-Debunking myths surrounding McEwan and Tink.

-Made a play date with a sexy gay man to harm me, next month when I'm in Seattle.

-Realized that next year I want to camp out for the whole week at ITW, not just a few days.

Low Lights

-We packed waaay to much too eat in the cooler, some of it went bad. Our appetites were not for food.

-Not enough time at the event to talk with each of the people who approached me personally with questions or offers of play.

-Missed Bella's Poly class, though I can't say that I was that eager to sit in a room and listen to her tell stories of how we've loved and learned together in polyamory and the experiences shared between us.

-Not enough sleep: we stayed up late visiting with friends and were up early as people around us woke to have sex, beat each other, frolic and some even sang. AAhhhh.

-Should have brought my gum boots, to wear in the fields. They were not brought because RC said they were unnecessary, he will be punished for this.

-Horrible mosquito swarms, black clouds of them one night only.

-The taste of Deet on nipples & inner thighs, it is worse than Buckleys. Deet works wonders at keeping the bugs at bay.

-We took a double futon mattress with us and I've decided that next month when we're camping an air mattress underneath our bed is required for my comfort.

-Men who felt the need to cover up their whole bodies in layers of clothes while camping. What's with this? Mens chest are handsome and bare bottomed bums or cocks free in the wind are a beautiful site to me. Few men were naked or in little clothing, this bothered me.

-Forgot to pick something up in Bellingham that I had hoped to return with.

-Took a hit in the jaw, and flew a few feet from the impact. Accidents happen.

-Not enough [obvious] queer sex going on.

-Met a person whom I do not trust and this disturbs me. First impression mean much.