Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Comments on SULTRY

I found this posted on a locals swingers websites message forum. Of course it pleased me, so I wanted to invite you to have the chance to read this as well.

Its wonderful to read things from other couples perspectives.


WOW! ... Can't wait for the next one..

C and I went to the Libido Events Sultry party on Saturday and had a fantastic time.

I was definately excited to go and experience this new event. I have always wanted to experience a bath house - it has always held an appeal because of its history and seediness and I have heard great stories from other couples about it.

Jennifer organized the entire downstairs area for our group. As you walked, the first room was set up with chairs and TV with porn playing - turn the corner and the locker area room was set up with benches on one side and access to the lockers on the other. Two small tables with snacks and lots of water and pop.

There were three massage tables also in that area, and some nice music playing. Once we changed out of our clothes, we ventured into the cooler of the two steam rooms.

As we got warmed up, the conversation started to heat up. We had some great conversation about lifestyles events etc. Just getting to feel comfortable with everyone at that point.

We left the steam room to cool off, have a shower..

As we were showering, I decided it was time to pay attention to my sweethearts now engorged cock - it was fun to watch the others reactions as they exited the steam room two by two.

At this point, Jennifer jumped into the mix and that started the booby slide in the shower room - she got all the girls sliding their boobies together - and the boys were adding soap to the center of it all to help us with the sliding part.. lol.

As the group started to gather in the shower room, Jennifer suggested we all introduce our coochies.. so we went around the room twice - first the ladies and then the gents. Needless to say, this broke the ice and from that point on there were no more inhibitions and folks went about having fun. Every corner and every room had something sexy going on.

I have to say, after being at lots of lifestyle events, this one was very unique, and tons of fun.

I think Jennifer is hoping to hold the event quarterly, and I for one will be on the list for the next Sultry party!

Kudo's to Jennifer for the Georgia Straight article, and for continuing to forge the way ahead in our kinky world.

Thanks again for a great night Jennifer (and RC)

J & C