Saturday, April 26, 2008

Lucrative Positions Available

Of all the people I know, I find myself at a loss at who to contact for an upcoming gig I am planning.

Maybe I know a man, but I am drawing a blank right now and this is not helping me at all.

Does any one personally know a really good, naughty and sex positive male stripper?

I need to find me a stripper. Can you help me, perhaps you know some young guy that does this as a job, or maybe you've recently hired some one?

Send me his name and contact information and I'll take care of explaining to him what I require.


Now I am in need of a Woman who is Saucy Naughty Flirtatious AND an Excellent Card Dealer. Poker, Black Jack, etc...

Is this you sweetness, then email me and have I ever got an offering for you. Perhaps this is your Girl Friend, Wife or Partner...have her email me, the event is super cool and you'll both be able to attend I promise.

Drop me an email telling me a little more about yourself, experience, and I in turn will send you information on what we're planning.

Friday, April 25, 2008


A lot of running around today. There was much that I needed to catch up on and even more things that required my attention before tomorrows Naughty party.

I had put a call out for a couple of volunteer kitchen bitches to help out tomorrow night with some various serving duties. The spots filled zippy fast which makes me quite pleased as that's one less thing for me to be dealing with, freeing me to be doing other things.

RC is finally feeling better after five days of being flat out asleep and ill. He too spent the day doing errands that were long over due and I suspect we'll sleep soundly later on.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

full load

My head is so full with ideas, commitments, responsibilities and snot.

I hate being sick and having to work.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More Coming...

The other day I was looking around the club with a critical eye and planning future encounters yet to even see the light of day, and I got to thinking. I wouldn't even be able to satisfy some of my darker desires with the equipment we owned thus far. I wanted a device capable of rendering someone immobilized, and yet keeping them fully exposed.

Imagine my delight, when I stumbled across some one the other day with just what I was looking for. And it was For Sale.

We just bought another piece of dungeon furniture. To be delivered to us, of course.

An apparatus, that can be kept taken apart, or built, in just a few pieces.

Easy to store. And flat. This is critical, storage.

In less than two minutes a large structural set of stocks suddenly stands sturdy and ready for play with just a few turns on some bolts.

How charming is that? Hmm!

And that is not all equipment wise. Next week, Libido Lounge will be the proud owners of some new ingeniously designed adult sex furniture.

I'd tell you more, but those details, belong to our Member base first.

Get your butts to Member Orientation soon.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Must See Shows!

It's the biggest underground arts and entertainment event of the year! If you have not heard about it yet, overcome your shock! Be not flabbergasted! Vancouver's best kept secret festival, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival begins April 24th to unleash a 10 day extravaganza of entertainment stretching all the way to May 4th!

This is the third year that this fledgling festival takes to the stage. The dramatic difference is that after only two years, the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival has veritably exploded into a multi-venue, multi-production smorgasbord complete with workshops, karaoke, discussions, forums and movie screenings!

The multitude of productions includes foremost performers from Vancouver's vast and ever evolving burlesque scene. It begins with Burlesque Between Worlds, a show featuring 3 of Vancouver's busiest troupes: Sweet Soul Burlesque, Cross'd Lovers & The Starlet Harlots. In true variety form, colorful community collaborations manifest in shows such Pink Flamingo Burlesque and Kitty Nights VOX which bring you dazzling dancers, knee-slappin' laughs and incredible live musicians all at once. The Banquet of Broads is also not to be missed as burlesque flirts with modern pole dancing, belly dancing and aerial silk performance! A fresh theatrical production takes the stage at the Anza entitled "By the Seat of Our Panties" by Vancouver's trailblazing Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society and internationally renowned musical sex-comedy duo the Wet Spots.

In addition, performers from exotic locales such as the Victoria's Cheesecake Burlesque Revue, Saskatoon's Rosebud Burlesque Club and Seattle's Miss Indigo Blue will shimmy across Vancouver's sequin and glitter spangled stages in shows such as Evil Bastard's International Showcase! The full festival program is online. Finally, the festival comes to a climax with the exclusive VIBF Red Carpet Gala with all the glamour of the Oscars but only a fraction of the class.

Did we mention also the many workshops, discussion forum and lecture by UBC professor Becki Ross regarding the history of striptease in Vancouver? Yes, there's indeed something for everyone!

Last year's festival brought out thousands of audience veterans and newbies to the burlesque scene. This year, record-breaking numbers are expected due to the overwhelming explosion of the burlesque movement worldwide.

This is an arts event not to be missed—you are invited with welcoming whispers to come celebrate with Vancouver's unique and soon-to-be fully roaring-in-celebration burlesque scene!

The 3rd Annual Vancouver International Burlesque Festival

Brought to you by the Vancouver International Burlesque Festival Alliance

April 24th to May 4th, 2008

Various Venues and Showtimes Throughout the City

Program Available Online

Monday, April 21, 2008

cough, cough


goddess help me,
I am very unwell.

sleep & medicine
and lots of love

Sunday, April 20, 2008

soup and a massage

Ill. Very sick. And so, not happy.

RC has given me his hacking, head cold.

And it is in this condition that I hosted alone, both a New Member Orientation class, and our first ever monthly Jack & Jill event.

I'm hoping I can hold this cold at bay, and not end up as beaten down as RC is by this whole illness thing.

Early to bed for me.