Friday, May 20, 2011

Breasts Hand Painted

Exploratorium is always a blast, it is the Lounges kinky carnival. This month we had a couple of new booths that turned out really well. And we changed up how the event runs too and things turned out great. Seeing as I have been under the weather, the team of people running everything has done so splendidly and without incident. I am proud to be considered a friend to such wonderful caring people who surround me both at home and at work as volunteers and as confidants.

The new booth Sharp Pointy Things, Knives & Claws was received with glowing praise by those who submitted on a gynecological table to the woman running the booth's evil ways.

And the body painting booth, was a perfect new addition. Wonderful woman, sexy as all hell, flirtatious, and a killer attitude and she paints, on anything, skin included. This is the art work that Eiralyn did on me and the evil woman's chests.

And all the volunteers running the other booths always do such an exceptional job. Seeing as most of the volunteers if not all, are people I call friends, I am not surprised that the event is such a positive experience for those who take part.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Libido Lounge Event Reviews

In a moment of weakness after the Sensual Massage Event I promised Jennifer I'd write about my personal experience as a new member of Libido Lounge.

I suppose the possibility of being posted on her blog was more than my inner exhibitionist could resist.

Yet, at this moment my only thought is why the fuck did I agree? Experiencing a new level of open communication (and great sex with your spouse) is one thing, trying to actually write it down is something else…

New Member Orientation:

Saying we would attend was easy. Making the reservation with Jennifer was easy. Driving to the Libido Lounge was a breeze. Getting out of the car was incredibly difficult… "Shit, what are we doing..." "Maybe we’re early and should just circle the block one more time..." "Who's idea was this again?" "Your perfume is too strong my nose is already burning, need some air…"

Yet, as we approached the front door the most extroverted and charismatic lady I've ever met in my life (that’d be Jennifer) whisked us inside with hugs and encouragement to the point where it felt a bit like the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The New Members Orientation talk itself was exactly as one would imagine a “first conversation” might be. On the other hand Jennifer is beyond words – OK perhaps I just don't have the finesse of vocabulary required to properly describe this incredible lady. That feat would require the tongue {and mind} of a renaissance writer.

We found the Orientation Meeting really turned into a conduit for my spouse (of 10 years) and I to quite literally blow the door WIDE OPEN on communication. It started in the car and carried on for days after we got home, maybe even a full week... "You'd really like to try that?" "I never knew - right now?" "In that position - where…" "Are you sure you're OK with that?" "Yes please." Wow.

Sensual Massage:

I’ve never been really comfortable with my body, especially in public, but this time I was armed with some sexy new underwear (both the store clerk and my spouse had privately assured me it was sexy, hmmm). Just to make it that much more difficult on myself; I can’t remember actually having been massaged in my life. It’s just not something that I’d ever looked for.

This time it was different. This time it was about opening up my mind, about stepping outside of the comfort zone, getting rid of the usual boundaries in a positive and liberating way. At work I can force myself and introduce my way into groups of strangers, it’s part of my job – but oh, gosh, golly, gee in my underwear – really?

Once at the Libido Lounge someone ever so politely suggested I might want get a soft drink – “Oh, they’re in the fridge”. OK, thanks. Introductions were made and as with the gentle yet firm transition from winter to spring, it became so clear that everyone was very “comfortable in their own skin”. Not in an overconfident kind of way, in fact the environment felt warm and welcoming, so cordial, very polite, very normal people with the ever-present tantalizing knowledge of the touch that was to come… Then there was organization, people, tables, towels, oils, “Who’s first?” Me, um well OK… Followed by the heavenly sensation of blissful touches which absolutely consumed me…. and I was converted for life.

Through a fog of sensation I hear the words, “Look up.” Pardon? I open my eyes to find I’m surrounded by 6 gorgeous breasts, nipples, rings, smiles…. it was not mandatory, it was not asked for, it was a gift freely given by 3 charming ladies and hopefully as graciously received (although I was probably dazed and drooling by this point) Told to close my mouth as my face was smothered... Queen’s lyrics drifting through my mind – is this the real world, or is this just fantasy…

There was a change, now it’s somebody else’s turn. More oil –the tension of anticipation. To touch the person you love with other people, and to touch others along with the one you love - to share, to enjoy, to see a loved one and other people all experiencing pure happiness by touch alone is truly a divine gift.

I’d never experienced anything like this in my life. Participating with a loved one just made it Oh, so much better. The confidence, the intimacy, the trust, the naked truth of others was truly incredible. Food for the soul.