Saturday, November 01, 2008

Nude Yoga and BDSM Vancouver

A couple of points for you to mull over.

Once you become a member of Libido Lounge, you can attend any events inside our facility. This link takes you to our membership page.

Once you've completed member orientation, you can choose to attend any of our twelve parties we host, under Grown Up Events on our website.

For those of you who are already members, heads up to these two events...

Tonight is our BDSM party, our first one. It's called Dungeon Players, and will now be a monthly event for The Lounge. There are still spots left on the guest list, email me to reserve a spot for yourself.

Sunday is Hatha Nude Yoga, an excellent class, that ends with a continental breakfast. It's a drop-in event, so just show up.

I'll be uploading the December calendar to the website later today. Watch for it. There are even a few new events that will be added. Very exciting people and events to be working with and hosting. Plus our Christmas Surprise will be included for our members.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween to all you tricksters, witches and kids at heart.

Some days I have to play catch up on domestic chores, this was one of those days.

I awoke long before RC, and was out the door and on the road by nine thirty. First stop was to the accountants to drop off some paperwork. Then to make a purchase of a new blow dryer, flat iron and a new hair brush.

A quick drive to The Canadian Red Cross to pick up a package that was awaiting me, then straight over to my post box to empty it out. There was even a package ticket, in amongst all the envelopes. I *thought* it was perhaps a birthday present, boy was I ever wrong. One of the Lounges members returned her borrowed library item to my via Canada Post, it was Nina Hartley's Blow Job technique DVD. This made me chuckle in the post office, out loud.

I needed to pay some facility bills at the bank and so off I went, and when I arrived I also had a deposit to make. Across the street to my favorite fruit and vegetable store, where I loaded up on just-about-everything. So much so that it took a large box and two bag for me to make it out with it all.

Then I headed home, where RC met me to help me unload all the stuff. I promptly crawled into bed as cramps were bothering me, and I fell asleep for ninety minutes. A nap sure felt good.

When I awoke, both RC and I left for Stupid Store, where we spent two full hours. Our buggy was overflowing with groceries when we made our way to the till. THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS. Oh My God, how obscene.

At home the teenager greeted us and aided in the putting away of all that food, then she left for an evening out amongst friends. This left RC and I alone.

I had put a roast in the slow cooker in the morning and the boy and I sat down to a great dinner together. Then I showered and met him in the bedroom.

On the bed RC had strawberry dust, almond oil, lubricant and a willing, seductive smile. He laid me out just-so, then set about dripping potions and flavors all over me. Then he licked, sucked, nibbled and bit me all over. I screamed, moaned, giggled and laughed in appreciation and lust of his attention towards my body.

Finally when not able to lay still any longer, I sat him on the corner of the bed, and promptly sat on his lap, bouncing up and down to give us both joyful pleasure. We rolled over and fucked from every angle imaginable, we worked one another over, hard.

An hour after we started, our sex session ended with RC squirting all over my mound and belly. My hand was buried inside of me, and things were at there peak.

In half an hour, we leave to pick up the teenager from her friends. It certainly has been a full day.

**the new MacBook is now fully loaded with everything from my old one - this makes me so happy, RC finished the change over earlier this evening for me

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Overview of my day

I was up far too late last night. I know better, and should have gone to bed sooner, but I was caught up in email answering and some research work.

As you can imagine, with not enough sleep in me, the morning came much-to-soon. Normally I would have just rolled over and gone back to sleep, but I had coaching clients today. Up I got, and I was none to happy about it.

Thankfully the weather was bright and sunny so my mood leveled out fairly quickly.

I spent a lovely couple of hours discussing negotiating issues with one man along with the ins and outs of savvy dating.

The cupboard at The Lounge is soon to be renovated with new shelving and a lock installed too. This was good enough reason for me to spend forty five minutes cleaning it out. Dildo's, lubricant, massage oils, sound system, CDs, pallet wrap and plastic tarping, some lost and found items, and a few unmentionables even.

Now here I sit at home working avidly on my Calgary and Edmonton Taboo Sex show presentations. Sixteen classes in total, there is so much for me to prepare and stream line before I land on their stage. Two weekends in a row, and I am flying home in-between each work stint. I'll be needing my own bed and my family to ground me a little before heading back out again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


It was a long day for me today, then again this is quite normal for my life and lifestyle. I am certainly not complaining, just stating the obvious.

My appointment was for eleven this morning, at the illustrious Pink Lime in Yale Town. I was on time, in fact, ten minutes early and so they started on my hair make over early.

A very attractive man took and hung up my coat. The stylist came and brought me to the color station first. We talked for some time about my hair and what needs it had. Then she brought me a very pretty glass filled with water and a stack of magazines.

As she made up my new (and first ever highlights) I read trash fashion magazines and did nothing more.

RC who had driven me to the salon reappeared just after noon, right-out-of-the-blue and came bearing my favorite drink from Jugo Juice and a delicious lunch for me of sushi. What royal treatment, I was beaming.

My hair was colored and then toner was added to make it, just-so. Then it was all washed out after a long sit with it in. A scalp massage that made me tingle all over was next and I just blissed out.

Then I was moved to the cutting area , where my stylist went to work. She layered, thinned out and chopped sections of my hair away. With this done, she blow dried everything and suddenly looking in the mirror I could see her handy work. Voila, a new do!!

It took just over three hours and a lot of money, and do I ever mean a lot. Obscene actually. However I like what she did for me. I'm not sure I quite like it $250 plus worth, but hey, it's done now and I feel good.

RC and my daughter are both liking the new hair, and I trust them so I am feeling positive.

I will say, that the next time I go and get my hair done, I plan on trying out the second place that was suggested to me by L.E. Just so that I have some price and style comparison to mull over, options are always important to me.

This evening was a member orientation class, and in it, another ten new members. RC busied himself in the office loading up my new Mac with my files from my old Mac while I led everyone through the class and answered their questions. A great group indeed.

Right after orientation ended we drove straight to Surrey where we went to Potters House of Horrors, a walk through Halloween adventure. It was much fun and an excellent family outing, the teenager and I were scared by all the props, including the frightening characters in costume wandering about and RC liked the special effects.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My 36th Birthday

Today is the day I was born. Thirty six years have been passed and this occasion of my birth has been celebrated differently each and every year.

As a young child, I was thrown a party year after year by my parents. My school friends and neighborhood friends came bearing gifts, we played games, ate cake and everyone left with a goodie bag.

Around ten the parties stopped (my parents separated), I still wanted a party, but it was no longer deemed appropriate by some force greater than me: schedules and parents. Sighs.

In my turbulent teen-aged years, there were a few birthdays that were not even acknowledged. It could even be said that the day even passed by me, unnoticed more than once, sadly. Away from my parents living elsewhere I can only assume they knew the day and held a candle for me, with sadness in their hearts.

In between teen years and twenties I hated myself and the world and wanted no part of joyous life, let alone love and family. I rebelled, alone.

In my early twenties I was a young mother already and my birthday ceased to be important. I knew the date, but what really mattered was the day I gave birth to my daughter, not the day of my own birth.

In my late twenties a relationship partner made my birthday special. Honoring the day and making it memorable with gifts and cards.

In my early thirties I wanted to celebrate my birthday with friends and I did, though it was an effort on my behalf. Odd expectations on my behalf as I had so little experience being celebrated. My birth family and I had rekindled our ties and together we found a groove to pay homage to my birth that made me feel like I was a part of the family, again. All was not completely lost.

Here I sit at thirty six years old today. I am surrounded by more friends than I ever could have dreamed of, stronger family ties, a teenage daughter whom loves me incredibly, a wonderful man in my life who thinks I rock the big one and tons of self love as well.

My birthday is special, though what I find more special is the exorbitant number of people who celebrate me.

For a girl who was so troubled in her youth to arrive at thirty six so solidly held up by so many people who love me is enormously gratifying. I only wish I had in my younger years what I know now. It would have made my life so much easier. Then again with age comes wisdom.

Over eighty emails have poured in to me today. Cards, gifts and phone calls have kept me feeling special all day.

I am so glad that I made it through my youth, to be able to enjoy the gift of all of you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Enjoying being me

Today is the day before my birthday and I chose to sleep in, all by myself in the house. I have no plans for today, other than working from home, naked. There is always much work on my computer and telephones that need my attention.

Tomorrow I shall sleep in again and I believe we are going out for a fancy dinner, involving large steaks and crab. I will be with people who love me.

My In-box is already gathering a rather enormous collection of well wishes and notes of kindness from those who know me. It sure is nice to be so well thought of. Having such wonderful people in my life is reassuring and a true blessing.

I have been given some nice gifts by some very generous people. I have no plans on listing out the goodies, but lets just say, it feels like a windfall. Thank you to everyone thus far who has left me or handed me a present.

I am now heading back to working on the new websites calendar.

It's so easy to update now, with the interface involved. This makes my professional life so much easier, which of course was one the two goals of getting the site professionally done.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gorgeous Clothing

We slept so well last night, thank goodness as exhaustion was written all over us. Before the lights were out, we shagged hard, then promptly fell asleep in the bliss of each other.

RC took me shopping today. We went to Macys and to Nordstroms, walking out of each store with bags of clothes, for me. All tops, five of them to be precise. Designer clothing, oh my. Not what I would normally even look at owning for myself, but with two personal shoppers assisting it was obvious we'd be leaving the stores with items in a price bracket and style unfamiliar to me.

I must say though, the tops are all gorgeous and strikingly appearing to be custom fit which thus makes me look professional all the while still being sexy as hell. I am most pleased.

It's been a nice day, with wonderful balance. Love, shopping and sex education. It just doesn't get any better than this, I am a lucky woman indeed.

I'm off next to my class, them makig the trek home.