Friday, October 28, 2005

news of the day

today is my birthday! hooray, Happy Birthday to me! Double digits, I'm now 33 and my mother phoned me this morning to tell me that I was actually born on a Thursday. Tonight, after working today all day I'm going to dinner with kara and a few friends.

this came to mefrom a group that I'm an active member of and that is a wonderful local place for women to meet other women for many opportunities...

BiGirls Vancouver (BGV) is a support and social
group for women in Vancouver and its surrounding
communities. Their mission is to provide a safe,
educational place for curious, bi, lesbian and
transgender women to meet and exchange thoughts,
concerns and ideas. Founded in early 2005 it has
rapidly grown to become one of the larger, free,
organized support and social groups for bisexual and
queer women in the Vancouver area. BGV invites all
queer women looking for a safe place, to join them at
BiGirls Vancouver

Have a great day and check out the calendar updates.


Thursday, October 27, 2005

made me laugh & laugh

The woman at check out # 3 had a title beneath her name on her name tag that made me do a double take. As I'm standing there in line to pay this clerk I'm chuckling because her name tag has the title CBT Mentor.

Catching my breath to keep from laughing out loud and keeping my composure about me I ask this woman "what exactly does the acronym CBT stand for?" Clerk looks at me and says in a some what inflated tone of voice "I'm the Computer Based Training (CBT) Mentor." "Helping anyone with computer problems" she proceeds to tell me.

Nice I think to myself, wondering if I'm the only one who looked at her name tag and saw CBT, Cock & Ball Torture and wondered if they should tell her, only to decide to continue along leaving her and her name tag behind as a little laugh for the next "in the know" person to run across.

At this moment I could have taken my liter of chocolate milk and left on my break, but then the clerk said something that made me laugh out loud...

It really is a BIG title for such a little job.

that did it I laughed and laughed as that is so much my experience with CBT cock & ball torture as well.

Currently I'm in want / need of a set of sounds and a penis pump for my sex activist version of CBT, my Private Parts: Genital Play for the Adventurous class. Today standing in line to pay for my chocolate milk reminded me of this. : )

On another note, thanks so much Felicity for doing that hugely important pick up for me this afternoon and for the new pillow cases to go with the sheets! You rock.



Wednesday, October 26, 2005

the little things

Updated the calendar with two new events. A Kinky & Naughty Christmas Pajama Party and something else, have a read here.

It was 1/2 way day to completion at swimming lessons today for my daughter which meant I got my minute long visit with the swim coach who told me virtually now new information but assured me she was doing well. The best part of the whole visit was that I arrived early and managed to watch the last half of her lesson which left her smiling like mad at my surprise arrival to watch her swim.

Saw this quote on that Printers message board on Kingsway "Success requires courage and discipline."

When I need to understand something or someone better, I use this as my guide...

"All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire."

- Aristotle

Took me about 20 minutes of gently buffing with a soft cloth and a gel cleanser onto my pink cotton candy knee high boots to remove the scuff marks from the Sexpo. Must confess though that those boots got a good work out that night at the sex positive play party so working out the scuffs was no big deal. I owed it as a thanks to the boots themselves. Tonight was the night that I took on that challenge and I managed to get off most of the offensive black skid marks.


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

multi partnered

This morning was busy with office work for hours before Doug even arrived on my door step. On the computer for hours working, studying, answering other emails filled with questions. The count down begins, 30 minutes till he's due to arrive and I've a plan.

House cleaned. Floors, beds and medical table cleared. (we could end up anywhere) Music playing in a couple of the rooms, drapes drawn in every room and the heat turned on.

John Fluevogs, I have a stunning pair of their boots. Knee high with a full length zipper running up my inner calf, the whole boot done in beautiful black leather with white stitching and an ankle buckle. Just like walking on air. They're called Bond boots and I wore them a lot the weekend of the Vancouver Sexpo and have really not had a good polish put to them in some time.

In fact, the last time my boots were done and done well, they were polished by Deb. Deb does the most amazing boot blacking and with her, well I wear my boots and a short skirt, sans the panties. For Deb of course, in exchange for the boot polish and she does an impressive job and enjoys her time spent boot blacking at SM & fetish events. (and looking up my skirt)

Today after Doug found a collar and nipple clamps awaiting him at my front door along with the sound of me at the other end of the house cracking a whip, he gained his composure rather quickly I'd say, then figured out what he needed to do and did it. As he came around the corner into living room, the sight of him with his boot polishing kit between his teeth made me wet. And there I was standing in the middle of my living room, naked-whip in hand and on my feet are my scuffed up pair of stunning Fluevogs.

Can you guess what Doug got to do today? Yup, boot polishing. And some lunch and a visit and then back to our regular worlds.

Then 3:00 pick up daughter from school, then we had to go door to door for 150 houses. Why you might ask would I do this for 70 minutes? Handing out flyers for a fundraiser her Girl Guide group is doing and every family gets to do 150 flyers. And so we decided to do ours today after school as it wasn't raining. Thankfully!

Home to sleep for 30 minutes on the sofa, then do a quick dinner up for my daughter before heading to ready myself for my evening's date with kara.

Left at 7:00 on a dinner date with a very lovely kara on my arm. Both of us dressed for our date, her in new fetish red and black open toed 5 inch heeled shoes and me in a form fitted, slit up one side, ankle length backless dress. kara asked me out on this date and brought a wrapped flower but I drove and carried the umbrella. kara helped me figure out what to order on the menu and she asked me please may I Mistress for a couple of things and I found her head on my shoulder often and her eyes meeting mine looking for more of us.

We had dinner with the BGV group, they are a BiSexual Women's group meeting for social opportunities and much fun. It was the founder Tammy's birthday today, she's 33. Happy birthday to you Tammy, on Friday I'll be 33 and caught up to you.

We celebrated by having a dinner party at a restaurant in New West and had a great time. All of us women and the one token man. The male waiter. Corey and he was cute, young and yup, I had a little fun with him AFTER I tied my cherry stem in a knot with my tongue for his viewing pleasure! Then back to kara who was ready to cuddle more with me and savor ice cream & cake after eating veal with asparagus in a hollandaise sauce with shrimp and pasta.

Drove home with kara in the pouring rain that made seeing the lines on the street impossible even as lightening slashed across the entire sky twice. Pulled in to my building in one piece, although soaked right then I've got to taste kara's sweetness. She looked so sexy tonight and was mine for an evening that was not an event where I was working and waving at her across the room. Sitting next to me and what do we end up doing in the car but necking! sweetness

And then as quick as it all started it HAD to end because

I have a child in my bed awaiting her mom and it's time for me to pull back

say I love you, thank you for the flower and the date. Drive carefully in the rain, it's slick and there's lightening. Her lipstick is completely smeared right across my face, up to right underneath my nose and down to my chin. My lipstick is on her teeth, neck and chin area. Signs of lots of love & passion.

Home and in the house, naked under my robe by 10:20 and starting to blog shortly there after while eating the remainder of a bowl of popcorn that was left on the kitchen counter.

Thankfully I love Jim and I know he loves my because today aside from email, we never actually made it to talking on the phone. Once the weekend arrives and my Daddy comes walking in the door I'll be ready to be that girl to him.



Sunday, October 23, 2005


My mom came to visit today and took my daughter and I out to lunch. I ate the most amazing piece of chicken with warm brie on top of it on a ciabitti bun - just delicious with fresh spinach, warm apple slices and fig jam spread over everything. My taste buds were dancing and it was a wonderful meal out. We were celebrating my birthday, which although not today, (it's actually the 28th) today is the day that my mom had available to visit from the island. A DVD/VCR player was what my folks gave me along with some other stuff. I was shocked, startled and most grateful for the gift, it will take kara awhile I'm sure to teach me how to make the damn thing go though. :) Lunch, gifts and time spent together for an afternoon, it was great to have all the 3 of us women together, then I came home and promptly fell asleep on the sofa for two hours.

Spent the early evening in at home then left to go to Rascals. Good times I had meeting a whole host of new people and touching base with others I'd not seen in a while. Wishing I had more time to spend out, but none available as daughter is at home sleeping in my bed awaiting me. Promised I'd be home by 11:45 at the latest and I left at 8:15pm.

Dark green shiny, low rise pants with closed toe, ankle strapped 5 inch stiletto black leather heels and a black leather fully boned corset, fishnet gloves from knuckles to elbows and a green/blue pair of itty bitty new panties barely covering my moistness. Toys were packed in my pink Tinkerbell rolling suitcase and I was wearing my pink fur trimmed coat.

Walked in the door of Rascals and within 10 minutes had set my bag down, scoped the place out and headed to the smoking lounge to find S. Negotiated as we were walking out of the smoking room and down the hall into the play space. Genital Play or CBT (cock and ball torture) whichever name you prefer but that was to be the game. Got S strapped to a table then bound each limb in pallet wrap to hold him in place firmly. Damn he looked so sexy in his shiny corset all pouty lipped, wide eyed, laying there with his cock exposed and vulnerable along with his nipples. Accented so beautifully by his corset - I love the look and he made for good eye candy for me all spread like that and tied and shiny tight in the center.

We played good SM games most on his body, some in his head and I enjoyed making him squirm and call out, seeing the beads of sweat roll of his brow as I captured a glimpse of his pout disappearing whilst he bit his lip to cope with the rich sensations going on between his legs. discontent, pleasure, pain, hunger, want...

S was fun and we must do it again some time, thanks for letting me on you. Caught my breath for a few minutes then went and asked someone that I know if he'd let me bottom to him, if he'd Top me in a scene. Saying yes and then the next thing I knew I was on a cross being hit with a very mean stick that the man bought at auction for $15. Damn it's got excellent bite and we had some good play time that left my panting and dancing, I enjoyed the feel of his hand on the small of my back, helping me to resume "the correct position" for the next strike by him. It was comforting to have his help in correcting me both for my own good and for his ease in working me over. Must do it again and soon too as we live extremely close to one another and there is no excuse not too now. Can you tell my lust is high for good play that has no strings attached?

Visited with more new people and some friends old and new. It was a good night but cut way to short. However, I'm just happy to have been able to make it out and to have been part to so many new experiences in one night. And handing out 2 for 1 coupons to everyone at Rascals was the right thing to do given that they can be used for workshops, bondage parties or our infamous naughty pajama parties. Which by the way we will be hosting A Kinky & Naughty Christmas Pajama Party in early December, info to be posted on the web early in the week.

I have to go and climb in my bed now with my daughter and give her extra cuddles as promised. We plan on sleeping in tomorrow and then grocery shopping for back to school lunch supplies.