Saturday, April 01, 2006

my army buddies

this was taken at SEAF by Jim, who made me take off my top when the festival was over just so he could shoot me with the boys in green!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

slippery stuff

my friend Jenn over at Tickled Pink Toys gave me a new product to try out a few weeks back. My plan was to try it sooner, but with truly a bin full of other new items that needed attention first, I had actual work to do before trying something for my own carnal pleasure.

With some time to myself the other day, the house quiet, my rabbit vibrator and I put to use Jenns gift finally.

Lube, good ol' slippery stuff and it's a great product. Now I love lube and it's exciting to find one that stays sticky, non tacky and will not dry out at a critical moment. If it does start to dry out, add a drop of water or a little saliva and it reactivates it all over again for smooth sleekness.

Here is the new product for you to try.

**it's a BC made product as well :)

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

real sex in front of a camera

Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click Click

it rang loud in my ears for the first few minutes, the sound of the camera capturing moments of my sex.

Quickly the "Click" faded away to my ears and there we were having sex, lost in our own pleasure forgetting the man with the camera and all the over-head bright, hot, lights.

My eyes opened and David was standing on the bed as we were consumed in one another. My eyes met his camera and I made love to him and his lens for a few moments. "Click"

When the orgasm was building in me my eyes darted again to the lens and there again all I heard was "Click" from David and "good girl" from my Daddy.

Both David & I are eager to see what he captured as we did some sex play that he'd not before had an opportunity to photograph.

"Click" "Click"

oh my, I'm feeling a little vulnerable right now

what a great experience

"Click" "Click"