Saturday, February 05, 2011

Wet, Hot & Fun

A delightful couple, who are Lounge members, attended Sultry our bath house party last Saturday night for their first time ever. I asked them in the after math, to send me a write up about their experience so others could get a feel for how the event looks.

Thanks P & R, I am very appreciative for your feedback.

Our First Visit to Libido Event's Sultry Bathhouse:


After going downstairs you entered a socializing area. This had the food (home made brownies & cheese wafers, and store bought cranberry crisps, chocolate oatmeal cookies, pepperoni and cheese, fruit tray & water). It also had a TV showing some porn with sound off which people pretty much ignored.

Going clockwise, there is a warmer tiled room with lockers for storing clothes. You can bring a lock and lock up your wallet, etc.

Beyond that there is a pair of even warmer shower areas.

Off of each shower is a sauna 'hot' room. If the door is closed it quickly gets really hot in there.

From the second shower is an area that has 5 or so semi - private beds for sex play. This has a door that leads back to the socializing area. The whole area is old but well maintained and clean. It is so hot that everyone dropped clothes when they entered and stayed naked for the whole party.


We had fun at the event. Like most play parties, people sex play most with friends and people they've played with before. But at the bathhouse event I found that people were more social / friendly than usual. Perhaps the fact that everyone is already starkers, breaks the ice some.

The first programmed event was when some containers of shower gel were passed around and everyone squirted soap on everyone. Then you rubbed over everyone around you in with hands and hugs. This was a lot of fun. After a while we showered to get it off, and all that soap you rubbed on your neighbors you washed off again. There was a certain amount of sexing going on in the showers.

People visited in the hot rooms. There was a fair bit of sex play going on in there over the evening, with people helping others with licks and kisses. People were also drifting in and out drawing suggestions & slogans on bodies in wash-off markers.

The Saunas are set up nicely, so that someone sitting on the top bench can be eaten out by someone on a lower bench.

People tended to head to the socializing area to cool off and then head back to the heat or the semi-private rooms to play.

My wife's summary was "that the people made the event".

There was also a masseuse giving massages to couples for $$. Jennifer had brought an extra massage table and it was used by people doing bondage and wax play which looked very sexy.

A favorite part of the event for me was the humor bubbling under the surface. People appreciated the absurdity of trying to keep up pretenses. No one was worried about being cool.


Like most public events I've been to there was a mix of people. Some people were strongly oriented to them-selves. (Perhaps they get a kick out of people watching.) But compared to most events I've been to (either at Libido or other public play parties), people were friendlier and more willing to chat, suck on nipples and the like. People were very laid back about the "all naked all the time" ambiance and at least with our group, the humor in the background.

We had a lot of fun.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Fire Flogging, Fire Caning, Fire Play

Last night we had my friend and his partner who were in town from Alaska, attend Deviant Dining as our guests.

Thirty people showed up to watch the FIRE show put on by my friend. His style is vastly different than locals that I know, so I wanted to ensure an opportunity existed for him to showcase his talents.

His fire floggers are just mesmerizing to watch and the fire canes looked down right nasty. The ice fire cups were intense to just bear witness too as was the rest of the show. After J was done showing his skills off, he so graciously offered to light many of our guests on fire.

And off with the clothes, first one, then two and in the end a number of folks had an experience they never thought they would. It was great fun to watch and to cheer on the nervous nellies amongst us. Plus with just low lighting in the Lounge for this dinner, the fire was really magnificent to see.

The women who tried fire were all so subtle almost erotic to watch, but then, it was Craig's turn. He's a man. With a hairy back. Which made Craig the smelly guy who used to have a hairy back. Just to be a real ham, Craig let J light his penis on fire with flash cotton --- now that was surreal to watch.

And for the record, no injuries. No burns. Good times all around. Lots of cherry popping as we like to call it.

Seeing as the monthly dinners keep becoming more popular, it's our goal to continue to make them an upbeat opportunity for our members to hang out with one another.

In case you're wondering Uncle_M was the first one done eating and the first one to break into the desserts. There were a couple of bondage pin up models present too. Almost as many couples as singles. And the single ratio of men to women was about equal -- the food was and always is outstanding.

After eating for two and a half hours, talking with everyone and watching the show, still at nights end, I had to tell people it was time to head home. This is the measure of a successful event -- they won't leave.

Next Deviant Dining is Thursday March 3, mark your calendar and start plotting what dish to bring.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Feedback from Attendees of Classes

Feedback written to me, from three of the women who were in classes with me this past Sunday in Victoria. (I taught cock sucking & hand jobs along with g-spot and female ejaculation)

From Tabetha --

aahhhh....the refreshing language of sex! At the very least, it certainly sounded that way coming from you Jennifer! Attending your classes and hearing your stories were more than just entertaining...especially the one about your daughter being positively sex educated by her parents. That was an empowering for me to hear. It gave me great hope that our children can learn to navigate an ever changing sexscape in basic everyday life...that by learning the appropriate language and developing a healthier attitude to go with it..they are empowered and therefore protected!

Before attending your class on cocksucking....I was not convinced it could give me more knowledge than I already had. I am happy to report that not only was I way wrong....the extra confidence I was looking for came in heaps...,inspired by a few of your combined (cock sucking) techniques...I am so glad I took notes!

The G-Spot Female Ejaculation class was something else! The atmosphere of sisterhood was incredible and inspiring to me...special thanks to your model! Seeing exactly where the her sacred Goddess flow wells out from....was educational indeed!

The spirit of your classes kept pointing us toward creating intimacy and having fun in the moment with our lovers....I enjoyed your classes immensely Jennifer...and I will be back for more! Thank you!

The atmosphere of sisterhood was beautiful.

From Beth --

Jennifer, your relaxed, enthusiastic, super knowledgeable, respectful facilitation was the best. The energy that was created by you and each and every woman in the room was beautiful. Throughout the day I watched you push some edges and give others the space they needed. You created a very safe, fun space for us. And your ability to keep us all on track was freaking amazing.

By the end of the Cocksucking workshop I had become very attached to my little demo model...really wished I could have taken it home with me. :)

The G-Spot workshop...all I can say is WHO KNEW???? My god, women are awesome.

I can't wait for the next workshop and am definitely rounding up a few more friends to come too.

The entire day was an awesome experience. Thank You for empowering me.

From Rosie --

Hi Jennifer, thank you for putting on such an awesome workshop in Victoria this past weekend. The words that come to mind for me were raw and engaging and unapologetically uncensored, lifting the veil of shame and secrecy around women owning their sexuality and giving themselves permission to own it!

My business is XXXX and your workshop cemented for me the reality that this is what I was born to do. This is my passion and reason for being here. I really needed to come to your workshop to "bring it " to the next level and see how that could be done. My main focus is XXXXX with women.

I am looking forward to hearing about how your Nanaimo workshop is going to look! Let me know when this is happening, I'd love to come!

Thanks again Jennifer for the inspiration and the true you!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Special Treatment 2

On Monday January 17, I made a post about a man writing me, wishing "special treatment". In other words, this man had written me because he was seeking to become a Lounge member, without having to do the mandatory orientation class that everyone has to take.

Then low and behold, , I get yet another email. From another man. This time, this chap writes and says "thank you for writing about me on your blog, I am the man wanting special treatment that you were referencing".

I write this clueless chap back and let him know, that in fact, I was not writing about him. I even checked the mans email address and who I had been writing about, was not this guy. So I let him know this.

Then the man writes me back again (like I have nothing better to do, than to read countless emails from him) and says

"Well, on your post titled "special treatment" you said that a someone wanted to enter the lounge without having to go through orientation, and at the time, I was trying to do that by emailing you back and fourth about that.

I might be mistaken. Perhaps there is another guy."


Dude. You are not a special snowflake and certainly not the only man to write me asking me to make some special considerations, just-for-you.

This happens all the time. And only from men. You are not the first, nor will you be the last.

So follow along. Read my words and get a clue.

Everyone in my world is special. Because everyone enters the exact same way. Through, member orientation.

And you trying to back door the orientation process, makes me not want to know you. Show some respect not just for me but for everyone else who surrounds me who did the footwork to be where they are with the Lounge.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekend Reviewed

The past few days have been so busy with events and travel, that I have had hardly any time to sleep at all. In fact, I am so tired as I am writing this, that the nausea is overwhelming. I am not the sort of person able to cat nap and will need to wait it out till this evening, when finally, my head can hit the pillow for an extended period of deep sleep.

Friday night there was a private event at the Lounge and though it was hosted by people we know, certainly, we still had to be there. It was our good friend Stephens birthday and the women in his life had orchestrated a surprise party for the occasion. It was a fun to hang out at LL, with no responsibilities. And an "unusual" incident happened at this event that I plan on writing about in detail, after I have caught up on my rest.

Saturday was the inevitable Costco shopping and then home to load the car. Later in the evening was Sultry and I was working it all by myself. I swear the best nights for our bath house party are always the coldest ones -- I had a wonderful experience and even somehow caught myself in amongst the action more times than I even thought I had the energy for.

By the time I arrived back home and climbed into bed it was already 1:30 in the morning Sunday. So at 6:00a.m. when my alarm went off, I was none to happy dragging my sorry, yet very clean ass, out of bed so soon.

By 7:30 Jason, the baby and myself had picked up S, my demo model in New Westminster and we were on our way to BC Ferries.

Our loaded up car, filled with sex supplies, teaching aids and people, made it onto the 9 am ferry to Victoria. By 11:30 I was completely set up.

Over the course of the afternoon, I taught two different classes, each sold out, to 56 women, in my families home. Then I saw a coaching client for an hour appointment.

And as I came downstairs, I noticed the house was all tidied back up again and the dining room table had been set for family dinner. My mother had made us all a scrumptious dinner to enjoy before we had to drive to catch the 9 PM boat back to the mainland.

Being able to teach in my families home, with my families support, and surrounded by so many passionate friendly people, I can only consider myself as blessed.

At 11:40 at night we arrived home. I had seen more people than I can remember, educated powerfully, driven all over hell and back and still managed to find our way back to our nest. Thankfully.

It's possible to have your cake and eat it too. That kind of sums up my weekend in one mouthful. "I worked hard, I played hard and now, I am going down hard." Well, later tonight, after this one last event that I have to work before a few days of rest and relaxation.