Saturday, October 17, 2009

Animal Play

You have to understand, my in box sees a lot of email and some of it is is obviously unusual given that people write me about most things sexual.

From time to time, I am met with a letter that strikes me as odd. Not usually by its subject matter, rather in the why it was sent to me. I have heard, seen and done a lot, so it takes something out of the ordinary to really make me take notice. I have many answers, and opinions but some things are just out of my league or area of specialty while others just remain a mystery.

Let me present Exhibit A from today's emails addressed to me:

dear jennifer

i am a slave girl into BDSM with my master for almost 1.5 yrs. my master wants me to play the real life role of a human cow girl without having a baby but yet producing milk. I have got no detailed idea about what a cow slave actually need to be. can you plz help me and let me know your experiences or something from which i can learn. how long are the suction cups to be used. i have 34B cups. are they enough to be a cow girl? or suction cups can increase them? plz let me know some basic and informative details so that i can start...


I'll be honest, not only am I confused after reading this, but I am also not going to bother responding as it is just really fucking odd. I presume that since I am pregnant and lactating that this person thinks I can "help her out". NOT!


Some days my job is just bloody weird and I regret having to open my mail program at all.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Shopping Goodness

Locked away in a hotel room South of the border, just me and my man. And oodles of bags of shopping goodness.

We spent the entire day using credit cards and hard cash to buy all the things that made us happy.

Then we showered, put on evening wear and went out for a beautiful dinner with over one hundred kinky friends and pals.

Tomorrow brings a new adventure that requires me to be rested and happy. Which means, it's bed time now for us.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Couples Bath House Party Vancouver

SULTRY is the most incredible night that Libido Lounge hosts out of house. It is a private rental of a bath house in down town Vancouver and an event we've been hosting monthly for well over a year and a quarter. The age range of attendees is generally late twenties to early fifties: though of course we do see couples younger and older attending. You need not bring anything as we take care of it all, there is no dress code, other than naked.

You DO NOT need to be a Libido Lounge member to attend SULTRY, any couple who wishes may attend. But you'll need to get your payment in immediately as we accept no money at the door. Advance tickets only.

SULTRY is for couples only or for people out together on a date: same sex couples are more than welcome to come join in the festivities. The night is about having a hot steam, enjoying soapy showers, meeting new naked friends, and sex. There is plenty to watch, lots of nooks and crannies to play in, massage tables and cots to play on and group games to help you get to know other couples easily. Some people come out to meet others to swap for sex, some join us to have sex in front of others, and still others come out to be a part of such a playful environment.

There is no requirement to play with others, or to join in on anything. The chill out room has cool fans, a large screen plasma TV with porn playing, a cooler filled with bottled water & pop, a table covered in munchies and leather chairs for you to hang out in conversation away from the heat and wetness of the actual party when you are ready for a break. There are enough lockers on site for every person, so you can stow your belongings safely.

And this night is fast approaching, a week today, Saturday October 24th. (it's also four days before my 37th birthday)

Below is information on sending in your payment, do it now to ensure your space at this SULTRY party.

SULTRY - couples only bath house event
SATURDAY OCTOBER 24th, 7:30 - 11:30 PM

Tickets are $80 for General Public couples and non refundable.
Tickets are $65 for Lounge Member couples and non refundable.
Tickets are $10 for Lounge Life Time Member couples and non refundable.

SULTRY Steam, Sauna, Sex - Couples Only

We make a private rental of an Original Style Bath House in Vancouver.

~~~~~ SULTRY ~~~~~

An evening for the playfully adventurous: Just you, your partner...and twenty-four other couples, locked in for an evening of debauchery. With saunas, showers, play rooms, and massage tables, the stage is set for sensual, sexual, and fun games. Get lathered up with a large number of others in the shower (the lathering is mutual, of course); have a water fight; pair up (or triple up) for intimate play -- or watch other people while they do. Relax in the sauna between activities while Jennifer runs her version of Show & Tell (not quite the game you remember), have a snack or a cold drink, then dive back into the steam for more.

Tickets are first come, first served and are purchased by sending a check made out to "LL":

Libido Lounge
PO Box 28578
4050 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC V5C 6J4


Send an Electronic Money Transfer = EMT, from your banks home page, to my email address

**Once payment is received, the address and other relevant party info will be sent to you. Be sure to include your email address when sending a check, and the answer to the security question when sending an EMT.

* All inclusive: Entrance to the event, finger foods, non-alcoholic beverages, lounge room entertainment, play stations, safer-sex supplies...

* ...Social lounge with TV and refreshments, play rooms (with recovery beds and massage tables), two large shower rooms, two large steam rooms

* You and your partner must arrive and leave together.

* Our own masseuse for couples massages (there is an additional charge of $20 for 15 minutes). Sign up when you arrive!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We're Getting Close

Today marks thirty two whopping emotionally and physically taxing weeks that I have been pregnant with our soon to be born son.

I celebrated this day, by going for yet another of my weekly massage therapy appointments and being kneaded and worked over by my wonderful RM Therapist. It felt like a luxury, yet it was sorrily needed as my body is rebelling at this point of my pregnancy.

It's almost feeling like time for me to pack my hospital bag, to have it ready and waiting next to the front door for when the time comes. The nursery is about complete now, it still needs some items, yet it is essentially ready for us to bring the little man home to.

The crib is set up, clothes are all washed and set out, the change table is stocked, the baby bath has all its accessories, the car seat and stroller combo are put together and we have figured them out and of course, we have diapers.

We still need a crib set of linens, wall decorations, a rug (the bedroom is laminate flooring), a lamp, a monitor, a diaper disposal system, a dresser and a rocking chair just to name a few things off the top of my head. Yet I figure this will all sort itself out in the coming weeks.

Jason is designing and sewing wall decorations as the room is jungle themed. They will all be three dimensional, it's going to be really amazing when complete.

And here is a photo of the proud father to be, assembling the crib.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pregnancy Photo 31 weeks 5 days

Jason and I packed our gear and a few props into bags just before noon and headed off to The Lounge. We were met there by a friend who is also a photographer with the intention of having some pregnancy photos shot of us along with our baby bump.

Though the lot of pictures won't be back for a short while with all the touch ups required and such, a sample few were sent to us to admire. The above image is Guy's handiwork.

Then after the photo shoot, Jason and I headed off to get pedicures together. Massaging chairs, hot water and well manicured feet - we were luxuriously pampered for just over an hour and loved every minute of it. This little self care ritual that we have together is a rather amazing bonding experience.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anal Fisting

Note the black Nitrile gloves and the crop needed to whip that bird into submission.

I stuffed our bird, and I won. The results were magnificent. A stuffing of Whiskey, dried fruits, fresh herbs and spices and ta-da, fantastic end product.