Saturday, June 25, 2005

photo of presenters

This picture was taken a few weeks ago of Dossie Easton, myself, Allena and Veronica Monet. We 4 women are also all presenting workshops and classes together here in October for the Libido Events Vancouver Sexuality Empowerment Conference.

If I had the energy there would be so much more to write. Doesn't matter how tired I am, my life is never dull and truthfully most times rather titillating. More things happen in my bed, world, heart and home in one day than is imaginable. 500 free condoms were given to me the other day by a friend for our Naughty Pajama parties and on Tuesday I've been asked to shave a womans head. Damn I'm a lucky, blessed and trusted woman.



Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bill C-38 for same sex marriage

Have you Cast Your Vote On The National Marriage Referendum yet?

“Should Parliament pass Bill C-38 to legalize same-sex marriage in Canada?”

The Liberal Government has brought Bill C-38 before the people of Canada which will change the definition of marriage from "a union between a man and a woman to the exclusion of all others" to read "a union of two persons to the exclusion of all others" to accommodate same-sex marriage.

Current Vote:




34, 288

Have YOU voted yet? If not, then now is the time and here is the link. It won't take but a few minutes of your time. Vote now!



Monday, June 20, 2005

all in a days work

Today was a home bound day for me during the day and the evening had me teaching Erotic Wax & Ice play over at the studio.

I needed to be home today to spend time catching up on things, I took no phone calls, just worked in the quiet of my home. No radio, no tv, nothing, just me being productive. It took me three hours just to get my desk top, book cupboard and toy chest cleaned out and another hour to do the storage closet. The kinky stuff just piles up around here both from the post box and from people. It's a job in itself to just keep abreast of all the paper, mail, ideas and new toys.

For my wax & ice class I needed a large quantity of ice for the interactive portion. So when driving to class I pulled in to the local Mc Donalds and went walking in with a big Tupperware container. Walked straight up to the young man behind the counter, who was barely old enough to drive, yet old enough to look at me with eyes that said he knew a woman when he saw one and said...

"Would you fill this with ice please?" He took my container to the back room ice machine and filled it. A community service is what this is and I'm all for community service. If I'd told him what the ice was really for, do you think he would have believed me? Ah, he looked so young that I would have had to ID him before divulging my dirty little secret anyways. McDonald's will fill your cooler any time with ice if you bring it to them, and I do often, and year round too. And yes, I even get ice from them to use in my erotic wax & ice play class. Now how naughty is that? Unlike the ice that comes from trays, McDonalds ice already comes with rounded edges making pieces not sharp and ready for sensation play.

Then class tonight was a slow mellow one, so we had plenty of time to do the class and to do a long interactive portion where both Kara and I were waxed and iced at the same time by workshop attendees. And wow, did we ever have a great time, we had some amazing students this evening who were not only quick studies but also eager students. The class was great and we even covered everything that I had wanted to.

Special thanks to Felicity for working the door and bringing me a slurpee too!

Kara and I drive home together along Hastings street, she in her car driving behind me in my car. After a few minutes of driving, I motion to her to pull up along side me, and finally, she catches on and does just that. Much to her surprise, she was greeted by the visual of my bare tits flashing her and my smile spread across my face as I watched her eyes light up at my deviance.

I motion for her to flash me, and she shakes her head wildly no. I nod, vigorously YES. She shakes back and forth no, as we're still driving side by side going 55 along the road. Then a red light at Hastings and Cassiar and Kara is screwed, both her and I are first in line, side by side in our own lanes, and I give her the look. LIFT UP YOUR SHIRT NOW! or else!

I watch Kara mentally process my demand. The pros and the cons. It was the look of submission that washed over her face quickly that most turned me on, the look of submission right before the flash. She hadn't wanted to flash me, but she did, to please me. And when she did it, when she finally flashed me, it was an act of submission as she knew it was turning me on. And in that, Kara got a rush too.

Finally the girl catches on, looks around quickly at the cars on either side of us then quickly flashes me her beautifully full, high round breasts that have stunning sterling nipple flower shields over her nipples thus accenting her breasts all that much more for me visually. Next to me is a white truck and a man in uniform, ah, what a happy site. His truck door reads Park Ranger. Perhaps he could feel the heat of Kara and I because he looked over as he made his left turn and left us behind sitting in our individual cars, bare breasted, free, in love and smiling at one another. We had just made the most of another moment.

Early in the evening, before class as I was standing in line for some BBQ Pork from this little Asian market, Allena had phoned. With no time to talk it was just a quick question and answer between us, a poly moment really, a check in on my up coming workshops at The Wet Spot in August and a brief chat about Daddies birthday next week. Allena would like me to go to Vegas with her and I'm thinking that this may well be an exciting place to visit as I've never been before. And given that we'd be going as two woman together, without our Daddy we could get in a whole ton of trouble! How delightful.

Must get ready for bed now. I'm actually quite tired. My 11 year old is in my bed as I type this as I'd said yes to her request to sleep with me tonight. I figure her and I have so little time left where she'll even want to be sleeping with me and letting me hold her like that, SO, when she asks me, if it's possible, I say yes. Since I never know which night is going to be her last night in my bed as my little girl, it seems wisest to just indulge us both and have her with me now.



Sunday, June 19, 2005

slogans on t shirts

Pain is temporary.
Pride is forever.

I saw this today on the front of a boys t shirt as he was hanging off the back of a shopping cart being pushed by his mother through a store. I smiled from ear to ear when I read the shirt as it's so applicable to how I lead my life. It's the sort of slogan that if I'd found it on a pair of panties scrawled across the butt, surely I'd have purchased them and you'd have found me presenting myself to Jim in them one day for some SM play.

Couldn't help but go walking over to the woman pushing the cart, smile at her, turn, look to her son, then say "that's a great shirt, where by chance did he get it from?" Only to have her reply that it was his lacrosse team that gave one to each boy. Damn, that was not the answer that I was hoping for.

Some of the most painful things that I've ever experienced in my life, are things that today give me the greatest sense of pride and accomplishment to have made it through.

Pain is temporary.
Pride is forever.

and for this I am grateful, humbled and filled with thanks.