Friday, August 11, 2006

broken penis

it was an accident, it surely was an accident. Running my palm along the shaft of my cock, I felt an inconsistency and as I gently pushed my thumb into the anomaly to further investigate, I felt the silicone spread open and my finger get lost inside the depths of what was once my solid cock.

Within seconds, my cock was broken in two distinctly separate pieces, testicles in one hand and my shaft and head in the other.

Sad, sad news.

I'm sorry C, I know it was your favourite & to K, apologies in advance, as I know you'd been lusting over it for our upcoming date!

The Death of a Penis.

rope bondage book & an erotic memoir

It's Friday and am I ever excited, it's finally the end of what has been a very long week for me. My daughter leaves tomorrow on holidays with her dad and I'm left on my own for dating, play and living for two whole weeks. Ah, the joys of independence. (my child is becoming a teenager, it's painful at times to watch and listen to the unfolding of this saga)

Spent this morning on the phone with Bridgett Harrington and we're in the middle of planning some big stuff. She's sending me her new book later today via UPS and from there we'll announce our combined plans and efforts.

The other day while at the public library, I ran across a book that jumped off the shelves at me to be borrowed. Had to sign it out, it was called " The Surrender", by author Toni Bentley. One woman's journey to submit to the pleasures and sweet agony of her partner and his desire for anal sex.

** the book was a great read!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

one, two, three

Three nights in a row I've been teaching and tonight is the last of the three...

Tuesday night was Women's Masturbation at Club Eden

Wednesday was Cock Sucking at the North Shore's Love Nest store

and finally tonight, Thursday is Flirting To Get You Noticed at Burnaby's Love Nest store

Last nights Cock Sucking class was well attended and all the women left with great fellatio tricks AND the desire to return for my 4-hour intensive class on Cock Sucking. I love teaching and particularly enjoy the chance to make sex education accessible to everyone.

There were two women in the class last night who had never been to an adult class before AND whose first experience in an adult store had been earlier that day as well. When they learned of the class, they decided that they had to attend, together.

It's good to have friends, eh? These young women both allowed me to even demonstrate things on them thus popping another of their "first" cherries. I love my job!

I can't wait to see who shows up for this evening's class and what sort of class dynamics we all create together.

Looking for something to do...

August 10 Thursday
7:30 - 9:30pm
Flirting to Get You Noticed!

presented by Jennifer
4687 Kingsway Street Burnaby @ The Love Nest
(directly across from Metrotown)
$20 pay at door, cash only

A fun filled class of usable tips to help you learn to flirt with your own unique style. In-class exercises practiced together to ensure you understand personal boundaries and comfort zones, means you’ll leave feeling masterful at the art of flirting. Together we’ll explore the cues behind being the flirter and the one being flirted with. Open to singles, couples, men and women.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

quick change

How do they do this? Watch this and see what I mean. It's simply amazing.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Athenor Dark Ages Faire

at times my life is like a block buster hit movie, below is a write up about where I was Saturday. After 8 hours of formal board meetings & 3 informal hours, my brain needed to stop thinking. I headed to a private function (half an hour outside of Minneapolis, MN) by one of their sex-positive communities to let off some steam and have some dinner as we'd been invited.

We sat at the head table with Count Vronsky, enjoying stories, jugglers and one another, Dinner was magnificent, the setting outdoors in the middle of no where with a whole load of kinky dressed folk, the servants were superb with attention to detail and protocol.

I left early with the man charged to over see me (well the board actually) but everyone else had left) so we headed back to his house, to crawl in to bed and on one another. Ooops, what fun.

Athenor Dark Ages Faire

The Renaissance Festival starts in August. But as we all know, before the
Renaissance, there were the Dark Ages. Thus on Saturday, August 5th,
prior to the Renaissance Festival, Athenor will be hosting the "Dark Ages
Faire". This will be an outdoor, 24 hour party starting at noon on
Saturday and going through the dark of the night and into Sunday

The event will take place on a secluded campsite not far from town that
has a 32' by 60' barn. But just as it was in the dark ages, there will
be no electricty or running water. Just fire, a pump, and a
latrine. We'd also like to encourage people to dress up as they might for the
Renaissance Festival, although that is not a requirement.

During the day at this Faire you'll be joining the hosting royalty for a
slate of competitions which may even include some jousting if suitable
"horses" are found. We'd also like to encourage merchants to come and
display their wares for sale at no charge to them. I suspect we'll also
have a few mystics at the Faire who may be able to tell you your
fortune. There will also be other entertainment and perhaps even some visiting
master craftsmen willing to teach some apprentices.

As we head into the evening, there will be a feast for everyone at the
Faire and more merrymaking as we approach the hour of sunset. Then the
fires will be lit and the Faire will continue into the night. In
fact, we fully expect people to stay the night and bring a tent in which to base
their households.

All throughout the day and night we will have a dungeon set up in the
barn. People are free to visit and try out the dungeon at their will.
We'll also give people the option to buy a "peasant" ticket. As
a peasant, you're subject to the will of the lords hosting the event and may find
yourself arrested at any time. Having been arrested, you will face
whatever punishments are handed down to you, generally to
be administered by the public.

On a realistic note, people who attend as peasants will get a checklist
beforehand to rule various activities in or out. They may also restrict
who intereacts with them (SSC and all) and they will have strict
supervision by an agent of the Lords of the faire.

Monday, August 07, 2006

finding strength

"To be nobody-but-yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting."

-- E. E. Cummings

Returned just this afternoon from Minneapolis after many days on the road and some bonus travel glitches. I had flown out for a 2-day Leather Leadership meeting, more meetings / tours in adult stores, frolicking with the kinky locals at evening play events and some much needed face to face time with other board members.

I met a man, he was assigned to oversee the board of directors visit to the city and was my driver from the airport, to the airport, hell he was assigned to us and damn did he serve well. For a tour of the city he took me off riding on his Harley Davidson along the Mississippi River in 90 degree humid weather for hours and from there we hit it off so fast talking that we managed two nights alone together. Sexy times.

He was just the diversion I needed from meetings and great in bed too. From complete strangers, to intimate new friends, the experience was worth sacrificing sleep for and as I'm returning to Minneapolis in April we're already talking about booking some play time again together. SM, bondage and sex date booked months in advance, life is good!

Later after much sleep, I may tell you about another man, very handsome, whom I trampled in my leather stiletto heels as he laid on the concrete outdoor dungeon floor for me. His wheelchair pushed out of the way and he laying under my spiky heels as I pushed my way into his torso, (he had no legs) causing him exquisite pain. He asked me for this and I gave it to him. As I left that night, from the Renaissance Festival he was still thanking me and my head was a little trippy from the power I both took and used in that scene.

Check out this restaurant, it will knock your socks off and thrill your palate when you're next in Minneapolis, Hells Kitchen is where we ate, twice!

off to bed now as I'm so exhausted, but first an orgasm is needed & deserved