Saturday, May 30, 2009

Couples Bath House Vancouver

Last night was Sultry, our couples only bath house party. We've been hosting this monthly for over a year now and it's an event that I always look forward to and enjoy immensely.

To be honest as you've likely gathered, I have been experiencing some rough bouts with my pregnancy thus making me feel rather under-the-weather almost daily.

RC is away right now in Quebec attending a medical conference, which meant my night at Sultry was a solo one. No partner to assist me with set up and take down let alone to meet my carnal desires.

Knowing I was flying on my own and not feeling top top, I had contacted a few friends whom I knew were on the guest list and asked them to arrive early to do the set up for me under my direction. All three couples showed up and arranged the place just so. I was most pleased by their assistance and of course company too.

The place started to fill up in short order and the party was fast underway. With little energy in me, I still managed to make my rounds checking in on couples and instigating trouble where need be.

We only did one group game, it was the huge shower scene, the ice breaker if you will. It went on for quite some time. There was an obscene amount of people gathered naked enjoying the lather and bubbles with one another. With out doubt new friendships were made in the shower room.

The women put on "a little show for the men" and they were sure appreciative. I know the ladies adored their time frolicking with one another and the men's response too. To thank the women, the men then put on a show for us, and without giving away details I will only say that they well, spend some time with the other men doing things that made the ladies scream and shout.

By the time the shower antics ended, people were screwing all over the place, and those that were not, well they were busy in deep conversations with others they'd just met.

Both the saunas had action going on in them, but more so the five beds in the back were pretty much all occupied for the better part of the rest of the night. Happy relations were happening every time I walked through.

I was most pleased to see plenty of people swapped off with new acquaintances and old friends rekindling relations with one another. A few Lounge members were on dates with other Lounge members and I noted that they seemed to be rather happily engaged in activity as well.

At nights end, I looked up to see that most of the people who had shown up early to assist me with set up had already taken on the task of take-down. They did so with great efficiency and I sat back as they packed up the remains of the party, then they loaded the vehicle for me.

Feeling spoiled as hell by all the help, I was most flattered by what happened next. One of the couples announced their attention to follow me back to The Lounge so they could unload all the gear for me.

After saying good night to everyone that remained, I drove off to our space and let my friends unpack my vehicle.

The night was a riot, and I feel blessed to be surrounded by such supportive, gracious friends.

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Friday, May 29, 2009

Sex Terminology (funny)

Sex for hours and hours on end - sore-gasms

Sex that wasn't very satisfying - 'There's the door'-gasms

Sex without a climax = Nogasms

Sex with a competitive partner - score-gasms

Sex with a virgin - my-hymen-got-torgasms

Premature ejaculators have - beforegasms

Sex with a possessive partner = Yourgasms

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Numerous thoughts

"Asshat": English term used to describe someone who under the protection of an ass on their head, possesses all the maddening intellect of a person suffering from shit on the brain.


Early this morning a friend came by to pick up a whole bunch of childrens items for her girls that my daughter has long since outgrown. It felt good to see the stuff go to a good home and to know that we wouldn't be packing it off to our new house.


The cat vomited a massive hair ball today, yesterday she puked and peed on my chair. She may be more stressed out about our big move than even me.


Costco plans this evening and then some lovemaking with my man before he jet-sets across the country to Quebec.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In Utero Masturbation

Two different Lounge members sent me this within 48 hours of one another. It's kind of funny to think that masturbation and orgasm makes people think of me. How sweet. The clip is pretty fascinating and less than eighteen minutes long, watch it, you'll learn new things.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Vomit & Pregnancy

It has taken some time to ponder all sides of the issue, but finally I have made up my mind on a big business decision. I am definitely feeling lighter with this weight of pondering lifted from my shoulders. Now to implement the change and announce it to everyone some time there after.

I vomited Ebi sushi in a public parking lot earlier. It was, as you can likely imagine, just a tab bit embarrassing. My body temperature was too hot, I had been queasy for hours and I knew it was going to happen. With no where to turn, I put my bags and purse down and proceeded to upchuck three times.

Imagine my horror when two different people approached to ask if I was ok. What to say at a time like this. Oh yes, I am fine, and please don't step in my puke, or I'll be mortified. Thank you for checking on me. Holding my own hair back and stating pregnancy nauseousness was enough to send one man on his way, but the second woman really wanted to assist me. It was quite sweet, but the last thing I want when vomiting is someone helping me.

Today was a first, I went and bought baby stuff, all in greens, oranges and yellows. I found some of the cutest stuff imaginable, and all in new born size. Then I came home and promptly fell asleep in a deep much needed nap.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lucky me

I have done plenty of shopping, in fact, bags full.

The sun has been amazing and my man and I both have a tonne of color.

We've been treated like royalty all weekend and loved every minute of it.

Connected with old friends and met plenty of new ones.

The sex was really special and quite varied for us.

We've eaten out some scrumptious meals.

I love my life.

Tomorrow I am in prison.