Saturday, September 08, 2007

Sin City photos

A photo snapped early on, during our night out. Notice my pasties.A photo I took at nights end of RC, notice my pasties!

Friday, September 07, 2007

In Demand

Earlier this afternoon RC and I did a quick little porno photo shoot out on the porch. Most of the images are for our personal collection only, though this one I rather favor.


Just got off the phone with Katt, the woman who runs the facility that I'll be teaching at this Sunday. I'll be presenting two separate classes in the afternoon, both fully-interactive as well.

The offerings are Cock Sucking and Pussy Licking.

Due to overwhelming response, each class is now SOLD OUT.

17 couples signed up for Cock Sucking and another 14 couples signed up for Pussy Licking.

There is now a wait list for each of these classes.

I'm thrilled to be able to offer such empowering education for so many people.

There is already a sign-up sheet for my October classes of Butt Sex and The G-Spot. Get your name on the list early, or you'll regret it.

Kat's Fantasies Surrey, BC

Cost $40 couple (includes lunch & club tour)

Register: - address & driving instructions given at time of registration

Thursday, September 06, 2007

life notes #12789

After a wee bit of stress, I managed to successfully move the mailing list over to a different server today and load the address book into a new program. This a task that has been long over due, I am elated at it's completion.

It took me a little longer than expected, but I also updated the website with some information that was pressing.

With no reason to wear clothes I spent today naked around the house while working. The sun beckoned me to relax outside in the chaise lounger then I made my way inside for a long soak in the tub.

With plenty of items vying for my attention, it seemed only appropriate that I center myself with some masturbation. A Big O as a reward for all my efforts thus far today.

All in all, it's been a rather full day.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

getting back on track

Since we were away at Sex Camp with no phones or computers, the back log of work facing me upon my return was astonishing. It's taken a couple of days to figure things out and now I'm just trying to catch up. I find it difficult to deal with emails when there are hundreds of them, it seems so daunting as though I'll never be able to crawl out of the depths of peoples questions long enough to breathe.

The Fall Schedule needs to be written and loaded up to the web, it's an on going battle with HTML that grates me the wrong way. City Hall and I have a couple of pressing long-overdue appointments and low and behold, I have a number of private events booked that are taking from my spare time as I prepare for them.

Interestingly enough I have been hired by a group of women who all reside right in the heart of my neighborhood and want a specialized sex ed. class for themselves to add zing back into their relationships. Most likely is I'm going to walk into this gig and find myself face to face with some mothers from my daughters school or simply other women who I know from our hood, seeing as we've lived here for 14 years now. T's eyes simply rolled at the mere mention of.

Last night RC made love to me, and I made love to him. It was exquisitely beautiful, the euphoria that we floated on as we rolled around in the bed as one. Magnificently breathtaking were the moments that rolled into minutes of pleasure. It was the low noises emitting from my lips, that made me believe that I was being loved like never before. It's a wonder that we're together.

We made a stop at DressSew to pick up some supplies and now we're locked away creating new kinky outfits for our happy perverted selves. RC is sewing a pair of boy shorts right now, and I am making four different sets of elaborate pasties.

Life is good and I am blessed.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

routine returns

As a mother, I am always grateful for this day. The day after Labor Day. The day the children go back to school.

Today is T's first day of Grade 9. Yet it seems like only a few short months ago I was taking her to preschool.

Time has flown so fast for me a parent. It's an excellent reminder to slow down.

RC, T and I are having conversations about the next little person that will be around our home. That we are readying for a baby reminds me of how far I've come raising a teenager on my own and how far we've got to go to bring another child into this world together.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Sex Camp After Thoughts

We found ourselves completely immersed in the experience of letting go of our outside world trappings and savoring the wonder of where we were in the here and now. Let me tell you, Adult Sex Camp is a whole lot of fun.

We prepared well for our six summer nights of sleeping in a tent and roughing it. (so to speak) Our tent sleeps eight, so it's rather large for RC and I alone. There was a comfy futon bed set up with sheets, pillows and a cozy comforter for us to sleep upon and another area for all of our personal gear to be laid out. And another corner as my class prep - the whole lay-out worked great.

Our second sun screen room had curtains to filter the sun on the sides and a carpet on the bottom, of course front at center, was our massage table. I bought earlier a small table for teaching / camping and it was set up as well, the coolers and beer beneath. It seems we brought a fair bit of supplies, more so than we'd ever use, but at least we were prepared.

The entire staked out area of our campsite was marked with four large tiki torches and of course, Canadian flags. I was so elated listening to our ipod's on the new portable speaker system, it was enchanting, along with the aroma therapy that was lit at night.

Of course we found ourselves camped out along side a whole whack of other Canadians, that we knew. Sharing campfire stories with them all, and meeting so many new people as well, was just fabulous. The late night fire time captivated me, as it always has. All attached to wonderful childhood memories of summer bible camp I'm sure. The songs and music were so touching, wow, listening to friends voices, I was in awe of there range. Together as a group we sure grooved.

Most of our time was spent sans clothing, just like at home. The weather was magnificent, quite hot actually, so nudity worked well, though at night when the temperature dropped I was clothed from head to toe in layers of warmth.

I swam a fair bit in the pool, yet never made it to either of the hot tubs. One night RC's butt was lit on fire (for play) and then he jumped into the pool in the dark with his butt aglow, it was a night not to be forgotten that's for sure.

I taught four classes. Butt Sex - 27 people. Teasing - 18 people. Cock Sucking - 54 people. Pussy Licking 45 people. Plus I led a Women's Masturbation Ritual. Goodness I was busy teaching up a storm and coaching people to discover new pleasure. I keep having people tell me how talented I am as an educator, I know it's true, yet I struggle to recognize when I arrived to this place. There was a time when I was so unsure of my capabilities, not anymore. What I don't understand about myself now, is what it is that finally made it all come together.

Had sex outdoors with RC all under the easy gaze of friends. Bottomed in a scene with Bella to TWO very mean men. Invited another couple to our tent one morning for a little impromptu sex play, and bingo if it wasn't a success. Made-out with many wonderfully sexy women, but two in particular keep springing to mind. RC and I were invited to two different flattering future play dates and dang if we don't plan on taking up the offer.

We slept a lot, going to bed fairly early and rolling out of our tent and one an other's arms late morning after breakfast each day. Showering outdoors and air drying brought me back to nature.

There was however not one minute that didn't seem to be filled with someone itching for my attention. Either in class, or following me along awaiting answers to life's sex questions, I was mobbed by people constantly. I love my job and who I have become, but when away for a week with fellow kinksters, the expectation that I be "on" every day, sure does become a daunting task.

I've acquired two new t-shirts in the last while, both being appropriate for me to wear where we were.

1. Girls Lick Pussy Better
2. I taught your girlfriend that thing that you like.

Sex Camp was fantastic as was 6 days away with RC from the real world. Now I am thrilled to be home for a while and not teaching.

Presents and Gifts. RC brought me a dozen red roses at camp. Bella gave me a new Tink hat box and the cutest ever pink apron for a some to be completed costume for my collection. Tali bestowed me with a beautiful new sarong. Another a new pair of new high black pvc boots. A paddling spoon, a box of chocolates and a great number of massages. I am blessed to be surrounded by such love and friends.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

return home

Just a few short hours ago we returned from what was "an inspiring time away".

It took us slightly over two hours to unload and unpack everything and now we are almost all settled in.

I am so grateful to be home to my daughter, my bed and my country. Three things that I never want to be without for very long.

Tomorrow after some serious sleep tonight, I'll write about where we were, what we did, and a few of the highlights.