Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturdays happenings

A successful shopping expedition to Walmart to stock up on supplies for the Lounge. While there I even oddly enough ran into Deej, it was great to see her and her friend unexpectedly.

A beautiful impromptu mid day manicure. My hands and nails were in dire need of some TLC, the place I stopped into did a very nice job. I'm quite happy with their work and my nails.

A peaceful nap in RC's arms as he encouraged me to drift off with him. I did fall asleep for 40 minutes, he lay there holding me.

A four hour evening movie. Johny Depp & Sean Penn, need I say more.

Today and tomorrow are rest days. And some computer work from bed, but nothing more.

I'm looking at taking off for Hawaii for a few days getaway shortly. The sun and heat would do me wonders right about now and the break from typing while relaxing would allow my hand and fingers a chance to heal.

Friday, July 25, 2008

On the Go

Tonight is New Member Orientation, and there are four volunteers coming to take on various tasks around LL while I settle in all our newest members.

Tonight is also Exploratorium, which has thirteen volunteers lined up and all ready to be let loose within the place, to give our members who Drop-In a good time.

I'm all packed and there is little left to do until things start at 7pm. I won't likely be home till after midnight, so I suspect that I'll be dragging my butt some what tomorrow.

RC is still working nights so when I do get in, I have the bed and the entire house to myself.

One day soon, I would like to take a ten days and fly away some where very tropical and not be on the fast track for awhile. This would make me a happy woman. A holiday would be perfect right now, alas it must wait till at least the Fall as my summer is completely filled up.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Orgasm Mid Day and Pride 2008 Vancouver

We are working on our Pride entry and readying for the Parade next Sunday August 3. There is much to complete in the days coming and thankfully everything is coming together quite nicely and without any glitches.

I've also been fast at work on Exploratorium which is happening this Friday night, immediately following New Member Orientation. All thirteen volunteer spots have been filled, and we are set to go. It's a Drop-In event, it should be interesting to see who makes it out for this one, seeing as we do it only once a month it always has a whack of people who are just itching to line up for new experiences. Ah, the joys of cherry popping, what a way to spend an evening amongst like minded people.

I finally today ordered our Membership cards and they will be in late next week. This little project is just another one that until recently had been left unfinished from that lengthy To-Do List of mine. Handing these out will both make members happy and ensure the process for checking everyone in at events, is smooth and fast in future.

Also I found a screen printer, after a search that was starting to feel unsuccessful. I spoke to my old friend Reive, and a couple of other people kinksters I know before choosing the place that will be making our t-shirts for the Pride Parade. They look really good and I'm excited about this as yet another tax write off, and advertising opportunity.

Earlier this afternoon, RC came into the living room and found me with my legs splayed open wide and no panties on. Sitting on the sofa, with a blanket underneath me, and a large cushion on the floor in front of me. A sly smile crossed his face as he stared not at my eyes, but rather at my pussy. As he lowered himself onto his knees atop the cushion provided, he winked at me, as he started to eat me out. Having him between my thighs was heavenly and the orgasm I had on his chin made for a lovely time.

Afterwards, I gave the man his lunch and sent him packing to work as he's on the night shift right now. I know he had a raging erection, which should make for some wild monkey sex tomorrow once he's home again and awake after some sleep.

This last week my daughter who is on summer holidays, and myself have had the good fortune of spending quite a bit of time together. She is now officially taller than me in shoe size, height and the same size as me in clothing. As she's grown older and gained more life experience, I've found that I'm constantly amazed at how similar we are, and yet how very different we are at the same time. I miss my baby, but the young woman who has emerged rocks.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Domination of women & my work load

I am up quite late, there is just more to accomplish than I care to think about. Thankfully though I managed to sent out a newsletter to the mailing list and was able to check that item of my never ending To-Do list. Going to bed after 2 AM is not something that should be a regularly occurring in my already sleep deprived world.

Knowing that my In Box has been emptied, and other computer work is out of the way, will free me by day to take care of banking, shopping and errand running.

So, as I need sleep, I give you two photos from the depths of the vault that is my Personal Photo Library. They're about three years old now and were shot by my former partner. Enjoy the naughtiness!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Peace, Love....and a Hippie?

Am I modern day hippie? I don't think so, its not my perception of myself. Yet earlier today in a long conversation while out walking, RC told me that that is exactly what I am. A hippie.

This definition I found on line
a usually young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favoring communal living) and advocates a nonviolent ethic; broadly : a long-haired unconventionally dressed young person

Is it my clothing I asked him? No not really.

Is it that I do professional sex work for a living? No not really.

Is it others misunderstanding who and what I am? No not really.

RC says what makes me a hippie is a great number of points

  1. I am a nudist.
  2. I have a self created career in the adult industry.
  3. I dance and live to my own beat.
  4. I have multiple partners.
  5. I am actively shaping the future of sex positive culture.
  6. I don't follow so well, I see and make my own path.
  7. I have non traditional views of sex, pleasure and relationships.
  8. I empower and inspire others by spreading my message.
  9. I detest violence.
My detesting violence shouldn't make me a hippie, nor should my long hair. And I've not dropped off the grid, and stopped being a part of society as a whole. I pay taxes, and walk in the world just like everyone else, almost.

Alas after pondering RC's observations, I must digress, perhaps I am a hippie.

A hippie that HATES florals, and wouldn't wear such a print if my life depended on it.

A modern day hippie, just trying to change the world, one person at a time.

No free love here though, so not my thing. I don't sleep around, though I do have the great pleasure of being intimate with more people than I could ever name or remember.

Speaking of being a nudist, there is a fantastic commercial that you have got to see. Work Safe and it airs on cable during Prime Time. This certainly made me giggle!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Jesus & Pride

A Theatre Under the Stars Production. : Jesus Christ Super Star
Stanley Park At Malkin Bowl
8 PM

Lyrics by Tim Rice. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Directed by Gillian Barber.

The teenager, RC and myself headed into the city this evening to see this show. It was well done and we rather enjoyed our time out sitting outside together to watch the show It was kind of cool to recognize and know some of the people on the stage. We went prepared with hoodies, bug spray, blankets, and junk food. Family time between us three is always a good time.

Earlier I'd spent a few valuable hours with a volunteer who was doing office work for me. It seems that I have a repetitive stress injury to my arm, brought on by .... TYPING. This makes me in need of help quite a bit right now as I leave my fingers to rest and recover. An arm brace may well be in order shortly if this does not get better at a rate faster than it has gone downhill as of late.

Today we also worked out the details and finished the outline for the new t-shirts, the ones we'll be wearing for Pride as advertising. I'm getting really excited about our entry and the exposure this will land for us. Libido Lounge is ready and so are we, it's just a little over a week till the parade now. How wonderfully nerve racking .. our plans are secret and juicy.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sex Machines in Vancouver

Another sex machine.

We've purchased this, and soon it will arrive to Libido Lounge.

I HAD to take it for a test-drive.

I wouldn't dream of buying a faulty piece of equipment.

This one is ranked right up there.

What an excellent ride. Wait till its your turn!