Saturday, January 21, 2006

state troopers

they told me I have dissolving stitches; I'm grateful for this small fact.

I'm sitting at my kitchen table here at home and my daughter is in bed, hopefully sleeping by now. We got in an hour ago after driving the I5 straight home from Seattle after my two classes at The Wet Spot this afternoon that I taught.

Ok, we didn't drive straight home. I was pulled over by a state trooper and made to show my ID and get a lesson on how not to follow the car infront of me to close as the officer who was behind me pulled me over to point out. No ticket and we had a nice chat about my being Canadian and then he sent me on my way and let me keep all the money in my wallet. [personally I think he only let me go because I was wearing my lucky pink cowboy hat]

It was a great day and I'm so happy to be home and almost in my bed to sleep. Tomorrow my daughter has a birthday party to attend and I again need to track down my cell phone that I've misplaced. I'm fairly confident that I left it at Bella's and Daddy can bring it back to me this week when he is here.

unpacking is already done and now it's time for my robe and slippers


teaching day

here I sit on Allena's sofa in Seattle readying for my classes this afternoon at The Wet Spot. Personal Safety for Perverts, and Take Charge A Womens Class in Dominance.

Drove down to Seattle yesterday afternoon, with my daughter in tow and today while I teach, both Bella and my daughter will be at the Seattle park zoo.

Despite surgery and being quite tired after driving here last night, I'm up, motivated and ready to be teaching this afternoon.

Before this afternoons class, Allena and I are going out to a "leadership breakfast" with Marie! Very very cool that us three women have plans as big as we do both together and as community.


Thursday, January 19, 2006

home is where I belong

if the bandages were smaller and covering less area on my breast, I think I'd feel more confident. As it stands right now, the tape, gauze and packing pretty much cover my whole upper and outer side of my left breast to under my armpit; it's this that is causing me so much distress.

A small bandaid covering the area was what my mind had believed to be true. I was mistaken both by the scope of the operation and it's impact on me.

Was discharged from the hospital to my Daddy yesterday and spent last night at home, eating Won Ton soup, drinking organic juice & swallowing only one pain pill while laying on the sofa propped up comfortably. Not sure what was on tv but I do know I watched some, I was just out of it.

The surgery itself went smooth and now it's only a matter of waiting for my biopsy results. Up to 10 days.

My breast is burning inside somewhere, yet I do not know where and can't even see the area in question under the bandages.

Linnea thank you for the beautiful flowers, I enjoyed our time together this evening and seeing you was such a treat!

Felicity, thank you for mashed potatoes, Womans Day and your constant effort.

Kara, thank you for the space.

Allena, thank you for poly, activism and our lives together.

Daddy, thank you for our world, I feel safe & loved.

and to everyone else who wrote me, lit a candle, offered hope or prayers, you are all angels, may you be blessed


Wednesday, January 18, 2006

to the hospital

in about 20 minutes I'll be whisked away to a hospital in the city to have the lump removed from my left breast.

Put my daughter to bed at 10:00 last night and at 1:30am I was in her room stroking her head and calming her fears still. It's my job, I'm the mom and being strong is what I do for my child. She knows about my fears; and we choose to be strong together.

My hemoglobin is apparently very worrisome for the lab and I need to see a specialist for it today before surgery and I've been warned that I may well bruise severely due to my hemoglobin count being so low. Bruising is nothing though, I just want this god damn lump out of me!

I guess it's time...


Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Allena arrives in to me tomorrow early afternoon, how exciting for us! Some girl time together before we head off to her class in the evening.

Today I was at the lab having my blood work drawn for the hospital; the woman who took my blood had a good steady hand and managed to keep me calm while doing it as well.

Wednesday morning Bella will take me to the hospital and my Daddy will be there when I get out of surgery and wake up.

Doug on his way out of town for work stopped by today with hot chocolate and warm wishes, and Linnea and I have plans for later in the week while I'm recovering on bed rest.

Keith thank you for the stack of erotic comic books, they'll make my recovery time be more exciting.

and to everyone else who has written in with offers of cooked meals, movies, books, warm wishes and hope, know that I appreciate so much the kindness and thoughtfullness of each of you


Monday, January 16, 2006

tomorrow's class

The Good, The Bad and The Poly with Allena Gabosch
$20 pay cash at door
#210 -207 West Hastings St. Vancouver

Polyamory is a much misunderstood lifestyle. This will be an open and honest discussion about Polyamory in all its forms, from someone who has done it for 30+ years. Polyamory is an incredible lifestyle, but not always an easy one. It has a lot of rewards, but there are also a lot of pitfalls and potential disasters. Learn Allena's 20 "Relationship Rules" to live by (great for anyone, poly or mono). Find out tips on making it easier to live within your "poly-molecule". Come prepared to be part of this dialogue and share your poly experiences.

Allena Gabosch, Executive Director of Seattle's Sex-Positive Community Center (aka The Wet Spot has been active in the sex positive movement practically from it's beginning (in fact, she's creating sex positive culture on a daily basis). She has been producing educational and social events for the sex-positive community since 1990. She is a frequent speaker on many sex-positive subjects at colleges and conferences around the United States and Canada, with an emphasis on BDSM and Polyamory. She is the festival Director for the Seattle Erotic Art Festival. She is a past board member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. In her less than mundane non-kinky life she is the President of the board of Consolidated Art Works, volunteers with GLBT youth and loves theater, good food, walking around Seattle and plans to run for Seattle City Council in a few years. She is a bisexual, poly switch and is in a poly triad. She considers herself blessed as she has a rich and full life, with many amazing and loving people in her "poly molecule".

more info on this class