Saturday, March 06, 2010

All Things Sex [2]

The Swiss are now manufacturing a new condom to target the 12-14 year old boys who are sexually active and who find the regular sized condoms to be to large. I'm feeling like this is a bold move, as whatever can be done to make sex safer more accessible to all regardless of age (or size), is sex positive and progressive in my books.

A lovely couple who are Lounge members attended last nights Exploratorium event. They wrote something here about their experience. They are fast become a rather popular unit around our corner of the world. And he's an awesome baker who brings me tasty treats. Yummy.

Licking or rather being licked is certainly a favored activity of mine to partake in when the mood strikes. Nothing more satisfying than a warm tongue between ones lips, flicking in all the right place. You can imagine my delight then when I discovered this a few months back. Partnered or not, oral sex is now available whenever you are.

I have an old pal who can perform self pederasty ( insertion of his own penis into his anus). He does it as a party trick now and again, its mind-blowing to watch. I actually love watching other people see him do this for the first time. He sits on the edge of a sofa, twists his cock around once, pulls it backwards, lubes up his ass, then uses the arm of the sofa to bounce up and down until his dick is inside himself and he's thrusting. Incredible.

In a short while we are off to Paris, Germany and London for a few weeks. It would sure be great if you would send me the names of your favorite adult clubs and sex shops. We plan on making our way to as many of these favorite haunts as possible while holidaying.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

All Things Sex

There is a very informative and eye opening article on Pornography circulating right now. You should spend the five minutes it will take to sit back and read it. It's from The Scientist and is titled Porn: Good for us?

Buy this book if you are a parent of a teenager (to give to your young person) or if you are a teen yourself, you'll be forever glad to have read it. It is also awesome reading for the college student, insightful as all hell and sex positive too.

How Women Measure Up. A London store is using mannequins in plus sizes in its store windows. Finally, realistically shaped women. Now if they would stop calling them plus sized and just use them intermixed with other sizes, that would be truly a miracle. Women come in all shapes and sizes ya' know?

The most beautiful word to myself as a polyamorous women, is one few can comprehend. It took me years to understand it, and a few more years to understand how to practice it with an open heart.

D is for Daisy Chain: At Sultry this past Saturday night, there was a daisy chain going on of women. (a group sex activity in which there is a linking of several people by oral connections) How delightful.

HELP ME: I am working on a new class. And I need feedback from a wide variety of people. Email me your opinions and observations on the the following.....

What behaviors do single men have at parties that make you uncomfortable or that make you decide to not engage them in conversation or play? What behaviors do single men have at parties that make you decide to talk with them or to play with them? What would you like single men to know or consider before approaching you for play?

These questions are being asked of single women and couples that play with men.

The new class is being written to support the single guy, so be descriptive and tell me what you've experienced over the years. It is my hope to develop a class that will assist them in reaching their goals more readily, while not offending anyone and achieving success more often.

You can write me at

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

List of Worry

There are days you simply wished you could erase from memory. Today was one of those unfortunate days where nothing went off as planned and I feel like I accomplished jack-shit.

Currently on my plate a number of things that are pressing.

  1. I have an issue with a certain persons behavior and I'm trying to find a suitable way to work through this with them in a short period of time. I hate that this is causing me angst, usually I am able to handle things of this nature fast and with care.
  2. Putting the baby to sleep is exhausting emotionally - he sleeps well, but getting him to fall asleep is ridiculous.
  3. I have to drive the teenager to the airport at 4 AM.
  4. The contractors working at The Lounge today were close to 2 hours late and as such are no where near finished the job they were hired for. Thursday we go at it again.
  5. Juggling a 3 month old baby and working full time is not something that I recommend. Being self employed is draining at a time like this, like nothing I can describe adequately.
  6. Tomorrow the little man gets his vaccinations. Oh joy, that should be.
  7. I was requested today for yet another (print) media interview. The topic is one I am passionate about so I have said yes. They want to do it via phone this week when I have some free ... and quiet time. Good luck eh?
  8. There is a large project I have been pondering doing for awhile, and I have finally decided to throw caution to the wind and move forward with it.
  9. This month I am teaching at Kwantlen College twice, and at SFU. I need to work on my classes and update them for a "student" audience.
  10. Friday I see the Infectious Disease doctor again for a check-up, this is actually making me nervous.
Let's hope I can clear my plate sooner rather than later. My head is bursting with thoughts and responsibilities. I need a vacation that's for sure.

Monday, March 01, 2010


7 - 10 PM
EXPLORATORIUM - a self guided sampler event
$25 member / $45 member couple / $30 guest of a member
A DROP IN EVENT - no reservations required
No Dress Code

Is there an exciting erotic fantasy running through your mind that you have yet to dip your toes into? Perhaps you've tried to tease it out of someone before, but they wanted the shoe on the other foot? Maybe the idea of it tickles your fancy but when you've had the chance to watch it unfold you started to have second thoughts?

Exploratorium is the event where you can step into a new activity and try it on for size for just ten minutes at a time, in a casual but safe environment with skillful, experienced volunteers on hand to assist you. You can drop in all on your own throughout the evening--or bring a friend and be among the first to break the ice. You are encouraged to see all that is available to you: peruse the available activity booths, watch other people as they engage the volunteers in a guided tour before trying it yourself, and talk to people about their experiences over light snacks and beverages. Casual dress is welcome (this evening has no dress code).

Communication between volunteers and their subjects is paramount at this event--you tell us the pace at which you want to sample our smörgåsbord. Partial nudity may be required in order to participate in some of the booths. After all, how else can you experience spanking or a taste of electric stimulation?. Full nudity of some participants (and even a few volunteers from time to time) is not uncommon.

Did you know your skin gets more sensitive to light touch after a brisk spanking? You might find a booth for spanking and caresses on a typical evening of Exploratorium.

Have you ever wondered how someone could get a rush from a temporary piercing? Talk to someone about getting poked and you might find out.

Be erotically kissed or get a blissful body massage from our in house massage woman.

Does the idea of being dominated cause you to be excited and apprehensive in equal measure? There may be a booth for you at Exploratorium, where you can dare yourself to settle the matter once and for all!

No two evenings of Exploratorium are the same. Even the same booth may be attended by a different volunteer the next time you come out to whet your appetite for the exotic. The following is a brief (but not complete) list of common booths featured at Exploratorium to tantalize your senses and pique your curiosity:

- Restrictive rope bondage
- Sexy sensation seeking
- Paddling and percussion
- Flexibility check (with our yoga instructor)
- Erotic massage
- Tickling and light strokes
- Wax & Ice Play
- Suction cupping
- Pressure points
- Knife play
- Electricity play (e-stim)
- Clamping & Pinching
- Single Tails
- Silk Scarf Bondage
- Delicious flogging
- It's a wrap! -- mummification
- Intimate kissing
- Shaving with a straight razor (you pick: genitals? face? somewhere surprising?)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Quarter of a Year

Our baby is three months old today. Actually he turns three months on the 29th, but since this month only has 28 days and no 29, today is the big day.

He is such a sweetheart. His personality is shining bright these days and we are so thrilled that he made his way into our family. What a joy.

It's tiring beyond belief working full time and having a wee one AND a teenager too. But it is so worth it.