Saturday, April 11, 2009

Popular Sex Classes

You wouldn't believe my day.

A horrifically early morning at the ungodly hour of 5:45.

A very long drive.

Check in to our hotel room.

Getting welcomed into a gorgeous facility.

Being sought after all day long by people.

Gifted with a new set of pink handcuffs. Police issue.

Teaching four classes over the course of eight hours. Really!

Adult Sex Education. Cock Sucking & Pussy Licking. G-Spot and Female Ejaculation and Butt Sex and Prostate Play. Interactive Class on Teasing & Foreplay.

More people in my classes than in any of the others offered. My room was too small, but we made it work alright.

Back to the hotel to change into evening wear.

A gala dinner with 350 people.

A soak in a hot tub.

Walk through a very large sex party.

People I knew everywhere I turned.

Left before midnight because I could no longer function.

Back to the hotel for sleep.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sexy Birthday Surprise

So yesterday was my mans birthday, and like the past couple of years, I found myself stumped over what to do for him on his special day. I opted for birthday experiences to act as gifts, rather than something he would physically own once the day was over. Seems my choices were rather esoteric and as such he had no idea what the day had in store.

He managed to get the day off work, giving himself a five day weekend, which of course meant a big sleep in for the birthday boy. This had him feeling great from the moment he awoke. I made him coffee, his favorite drink, and he drank it while admiring my vulva. Two items he enjoys a lot, coffee and vulvas.

Then we ventured out of the house to run an errand or two and sign off on our mortgage paperwork, this is when he said he was starting to get hungry. I casually mentioned I would take him where ever he wanted for a nice lunch. He chose Mexican and off we went to feast together.

Arriving home, I told him he may want to nap for an hour and he obliged me by doing just that. After about forty five minutes I was in the bedroom next to him on the bed, having a big orgasm, at my own hands. I think he was interested in having one as well, and I said no. You'll need to save your energy for later. He look intrigued by my comments.

With driving map in hand, we drove about twenty minutes from home to a nice little industrial park where we parked the Jeep. When he saw where we were, with a grin that ran ear to ear, all he kept saying was SWEET. His look was that of a kid in a candy store, absolute delight.

We were buzzed into the high security building off the shooting range and immediately were struck with the number of firearms before us. I bought us each a day pass, we chose our own individual guns, a few boxes of ammunition, and then we signed our waivers.

We were ushered into the shooting area, given a lesson on how to handle the guns and how to shoot with accuracy and then we went at it for quite awhile. The man spent years in private schools that had a shooting team, and he is a natural great shot. I did quite well myself, even being able to shoot the mini targets in the upper corners of the big target. Apparently many can not do this. This experience had my man stoked beyond belief and left me feeling as though I had made a good choice for the first part of his birthday. Success.

A stop to get gas for the vehicle and a quick run through Danier Leather to kill a little time, then we made a bee line for Costco. Picked up some coffee and two beauty necessities, before we pulled into The Lounge parking lot.

Once inside, I think he was confused as to why no one was there awaiting us. I turned on the heat and had the birthday boy help me do a little rearranging of furniture. Then I had him get out of his clothes, which he did without batting an eye.

After sending him to the bathroom and having him finish a drink, he was told to lay on our bondage table/cage combo. He jumped up all eager like and flashed me a huge pearly white smile. I took out my bag of hemp rope and proceed to bind him to the table by each wrist, ankle and of course by his chest. He had some wiggle room but not the ability to go anywhere. My handi work was solid and would do its job, for certain. Then came two blindfolds, one tight fitting one over the eye sockets, then a loose fitting one over top to ensure that their would be no-peeking.

I plugged in the Violet Wand and spent the next fifteen minutes running it all over his body while listening to his screams and quivering voice. It was much fun indeed. Making my way to the front door at a specified time, I found three beautiful women awaiting me. I let them in quietly and they set about making themselves at home in our space. They too were all hush hush as they disrobed down to lingerie, sexy outfits and other naughty apparel. Suddenly I was using the violet wand on birthday boy and one set of additional hands was felt, then two and finally a third set. He was trembling in his bonds and not making a noise.

A few minutes went by and I returned to the door, where I found another two hot babes waiting and this brought the number of women up to six. Six luscious babes scantily clad all molesting my man for his birthday.

I went off to the kitchen and set out some food and drinks, leaving the posse to contend with the masculine ball of energy before them. The laughter was louder than the music at times and the sighs and moans were growing in intensity. I knew he was in good hands.

When I returned I found myself making out with a woman, right next to his ear. Another was stroking his manhood, while still others were eating whipping cream off of his nipples. Can you say "Sensory Overload". The erection was pronounced, and the ladies were enjoying this chance to sexually torture their victim.

After much time of toying with the man, and doing things to his body, his blindfolds were removed so he could see who it was that was actually in the room and where all those sets of hands had come from. His laughter boomed as he took in each woman. Far from over, one lady donned a strap-on and put another woman on all fours on top of my guy. The strap-on wielding woman, then too climbed up on the table and fucked her female counterpart using my man as a table top. What a view he had, and how happy he was as the orgasms starting spurting forth from the girl on top off him.

They were kissing one another and him, they stuffed their breasts into his mouth and he happily put out whatever he was capable of doing in his limited mobility position. Across from him with a small head turn to the right, were three women masturbating with legs spread and vibrators plugged into power outlets. Another woman, then two rode the Sybian for their own pleasure and his viewing enjoyment. It was a sight to behold. An all girl sex party with the birthday man as the center of attention.

Eventually he was untied as other beauties came forward and used him sexually. He put out well and accepted their attentions without complaint. There was more strap-on sex between two women on a bed, and he made his way over to watch it, all up close and personal like. He crawled underneath, face up, beneath the woman who was fucking another girl, so he could see her bits. With a shit eating grin he laid there with the perfect viewing spot, while women laid out around him making out with one another. I gave him a blow job while he was intently staring at the girlie bits of the two fuckers. With out any embellishment, the man was trembling with excitement.

I made my way to the kitchen and rearranged some food and prepped the cake. We'd been at it for close to two hours by this point. Returning to the party I found two women sucking his nipples while a third aptly worked his cock over with expert hands. The fuckers had stopped, and one of the woman was working herself over with a g-spot toy, and she, like a fountain, kept liquidating fluid, it was a sight to behold.

Finally I looked at my disheveled man, who was panting, flushed and shaky, and asked him if he could show us how he cums. Putting one had firmly around his raging erection, he pumped it for all of forty five seconds, before he was spurting forth the evidence of his pleasure. Right as he thought his orgasm may end, I positioned my mouth on his dick and sucked fervently allowing him to thrash beneath me and the other women who were now holding him down. It was astonishing how much energy it took to complete this final deed for all of us. We sang Happy Birthday to him right at this moment as the final climax to an awesome experience. He looked so gleeful.

The decadent cake was brought out with sparklers and together we sat around and ate it, the birthday man had three pieces. Then for the next hour and a half everyone sat around talking, cuddling and giggling about our escapades.

We have amazing friends, and a blessed life. The man was overwhelmed by his good fortune to be so well liked by such giving people. I drove us home as he was in no shape to be behind the wheel and when we arrived to our sanctuary, he had a scotch and a big fat cigar on the porch.

It is safe to safe, he had the best birthday of his entire life. Or so he says.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Birthday Celebration BC

Today, the man I love, am engaged to and who is the father of my unborn child celebrates his birthday.

I love you sweetheart and life with you has been nothing short of amazing. Our life together is incredible and this next year is going to be a further extension of our love.

I have an incredible afternoon and evening planned for you, enjoy it all, you deserve it so much.

Happy Birthday.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Swollen Breasts

Today was spent out of the house doing little at a relaxing pace and picking up some nice things for myself. I needed this time to catch up on my shopping and to center my thoughts.

It has to be said that I am quite upset over the fact that pregnant women are not supposed to eat sushi. (raw fish) This is a staple in my diet and something that I enjoy regularly and in abundance and have for over twenty years. Now however this has to change, and cutting something out of my weekly consumption is going to feel like I am being denied. I hate denial, and much prefer to have my own way. Raw fish included. I get that I can still eat cooked fish, and deep fried stuff, but the books and advice also states to steer clear of all the deep fried delicacies that exist. This has me unhappy.

Now for another complaint. It can also be said that my breasts are killing me. Normally not an issue for me, my breasts don't bother me one bit, in fact they just kind of sit up on my chest and have no angst providing properties to them whether or not I have my period, or not. In fact, my breasts are actually over stimulated sexually so I prefer them left alone. However these days, the sisters are huge. In all honesty, they look like I had an expensive boob job. My breasts are large, heavy and very bouncy lately and this is so not how they've been or looked, in well, like forever and a day. When I remove my bra and walk around the bounce actually hurts. And sleeping on my belly, is outrageous, this causes serious boobage discontent.

Tonight is family meeting time. We've found a house we want to buy and there is much to discuss before moving forward with the next move. Oddly enough a new home is sitting really well with me right now, and I am excited about the possibility. Now to get the teenager on board with the idea.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Girl Sex Vancouver

This Friday night is for women only at The Lounge, it is our monthly edition of Dirty Girls. You can read more about the party by clicking here - and note that no matter how much you want to attend, if you're not a Lounge member or the guest of a member, it's not open to you.

Every month a new delicious group of women get's together for cuddling, sex, play, voyeurism, and a hell of a good time. We always have a night that would make your panties wet enough to slide right on off of you.

Certainly the sex is hot, the woman are hungry, the mood is carefree and everyone is super friendly.

I will happily add your name to the guest list jusr drop me an email with your membership number and I'll add you to the guest list right away.

Dirty Girls is the monthly party that I look forward to with great anticipation, as I always manage to get it on in a variety of different ways with lots of women.

Come see what all the fuss is about. You'll love it.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Pregancy and Sex

This morning I saw my family doctor for the first time as a pregnant woman. The same incredible man has been my GP for about thirteen years now, so it was a little celebration in his office when we talked about this new news. He calculated my due date much to my glee, and notified me that December 11 is the big day.

In the afternoon I spent a couple of hours in a coaching session with a lovely couple. We discussed electricity (E-stim) in sex play and vaginal insertion as a new type of sensation to engage in. Our few hours together just flew on by.

Then tonight I taught a class at The Lounge to a most eager group of attendees. It went really well and connecting with each of them was a real pleasure.

By the time I got home I was exhausted and was so happy to see that the man had made dinner and had some waiting hot for me.

Now to bed, the baby and I are weary beyond belief. And there is a hot man waiting in bed to cuddle me.