Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sensual Massage Event Vancouver

8:00 - 10:30 (no late arrivals)
members only
$25 member, $40 couple
Reservations Required:

Here is your chance to get a lingering sensual massage and to give sensual massage in a safe environment.

This social relaxing event is open to men and women and is an all inclusive environment. You'll be respectfully touched by people of both sexes.

The evening starts with a short group ritual and then a conversation about group rules around boundaries to ensure each person gets the experience they are seeking. Then we break into groups on The Lounges countless massage tables.

Depending on the number of people attending each person will be massaged for a period of time, before "returning the favor". You may well have two or three sets of hands working you over at some point.

This event is non sexual, your preferences for pressure and massage placement will be honored.

There is no dress code, though wearing clothing easy to remove is most helpful. You may choose to be massaged while nude, or while wearing underwear.

You *must* bring your own towel. Massage oils and hot stones are provided.

Snacks will be out and subtle music and aromatherapy will fill the air.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Foot Fetish Party Vancouver

A lovely woman who attended last nights Foot Fetish and Worship Party wrote a little review of the event from her perspective and has allowed me to post it here.

I myself had a wonderful time: my feet were pampered, kissed, massaged and they even managed to do some trampling on a particularly handsome victim.

I feel invigorated.

I just got back from the foot fetish party at the lounge. I had an even more wonderful time than I expected.

I wore a short jean skirt (zippers up each side), a black lace-trimmed tank top, and knee-high black boots.

Underneath I wore a black lacy see-through low-cup bra, matching garter belt and thigh-high black stockings.

And pearls.

My hair was up.

I received a foot and whole leg massage from the nicest guy there. He told me about how his 9 year marriage (and 10 year relationship) ended about a year ago. The whole time he never told her he had a foot fetish. He became a lounge member just so he could come to this event.

While being luxuriously rubbed, I had a lovely poly talk with another poly girl (who was also getting rubbed by a different guy).

And then I had front row seats to a good ol' fashioned trampling. This woman put her husband inside of a leather body bag. He wore a leather mask. His wife pulled his cock and balls out of a small hole in the body bag. There were holes in the bag over his nipples. He loved being walked on and kicked and trampled by women in heels. He loved it and groaned with agony-pleasure.

A pregnant Jennifer jumped up and down on his balls (the rest of the men could barely watch).

It was loads of fun.

And my legs feel great.

I think I'll go again to the next one (couple months away).

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

You Know Who You Are

My To Do list lately is a constant source of keeping me busy, as every time I check an item off as complete I am also adding another two items to accomplish. There is just that much to do. Fall is always busy for me professionally and my calendar becomes a juggling act to maintain. Add to this my pregnancy and you can likely imagine the increase in commitments and feelings of being overwhelmed.

I am only managing as well as I am because I am supported by so many wonderful people. My family, friends and an enormous amount of volunteers have all stepped up lately to alleviate my load. It's hard describe how I feel: relieved, honored, loved and revered all come to mind.

This place in life was not one that was on my radar, then along came Jason and everything changed. I am blessed to be here and consider it possible due to the many people who surround me.

Thank you for the part you play in my life.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pregnant Woman Bathing

This was the remedy to the back ache I had been struggling with all day.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Non Consensual Pain

My wisdom tooth is causing me non consensual pain, the variety that I find not appealing at any time. Though two teeth are coming in and both are badly impacted, one is horribly worse than the other and as such even has me on antibiotics. That I am taking Tylenol 3's to alleviate tooth pain and my newly added misery of middle back pain is such a dreadful reality. I can only pray that the dental surgeon on Tuesday and the massage therapist on Thursday will be able to offer me more hope for recovery than I am currently feeling at this moment.

Today was Hatha Nude Yoga at The Lounge, and a lovely class it was. Following that was a new member orientation and we welcomed yet another group of new converts.

We came home and Jason assembled the new baby crib. It is just lovely in a deep chocolate brown. Tomorrow I pick up the mattress and then the bed will be complete.

The baby is coming and it's hard to believe that the time has flown on by so fast. This next little while will be us trying to cram as much as possible into our days. Wish us luck.