Saturday, February 09, 2008

rest for moi

A short while ago, RC left for work. A graveyard shift, which sadly leaves me sleeping on my own. I like the idea of having the whole bed, just not so fond of the alone part.

We had a Member Orientation class from 1-3 and that went smooth. It's so rewarding to introduce everyone to their new space.

Then we had some shopping to take care of. We made a trip to FETWEAR as they are going out of business and the buys are quite good so we wanted to take advantage of this. RC had been in the other day and made himself a few new acquisitions, and wanted to bring me in to see what clothing or shoes might meet my fancy.

Imagine my delight, when I left with a new Cop Costume which fits wickedly and a new red and black shiny vest.

Then we made a return to Ikea to pick up another six identical matching mattress covers. Steal of a deal really and oh so necessary in our business.

There are many opportunities for how I could choose to spend my evening. However, I AM STILL UNDER-THE-WEATHER, and have no plans other than home and sleep.

lozenge anyone?

It hurts to swallow my own saliva, giving head is sadly not happening today. My throat is still store, yet I am not full-blown ill, just under-the-weather.

A couple of days ago I asked a bunch of local kinky folk on a message forum to give me some help. Here is what I wrote to them

I need to rename two of my classes due to a very strict bylaw driven rule surrounding adult materials. And the city in question can not use these two titles in there cities papers or even in their own store windows for advertising purposes.

Cock Sucking: the Hand Job, Blow Job class
Pussy Licking Good

What are some suggested new names given the criteria below?

The titles may NOT list any body part by name directly.

Be very subtle.

And together, we came up with these two new class titles for when I have a more conservative audience.

ORAL: on him
ORAL: on her

I'm really happy with these two new titles and am most grateful for there help with this. Because, being subtle is so not my forte.

Friday, February 08, 2008

baby boom

For the better of my day, I was in bed, alone, either working or napping. Wading through the flood of emails before me, and of course trying to get some necessary sleep for my sick body.

My daughter wrote one of her two mid terms today, she is so smart! I was most proud when she phoned after her exam, with a gleeful tone in her voice, she was feeling confident that she had done well and wanted to share. She promptly came home from school and spent the rest of the day recuperating with me.

RC worked hard all day helping people stay alive, then came back to our nest at the end of the day, feeling on-top-of-the-world from his days triumphs. Tonight was spent watching Gladiator, eating popcorn and taking care of one another.

I've come to the realization that my longing for another child is not going away any time soon. Well, not until RC and I have that baby that just last week he promised me, again. Somehow I get the feeling that having another child is going to further keep me awake.

Thursday, February 07, 2008


Its hitting me now. I am feeling the dreaded long over due fatigue that hits anyone who works on overload for extended periods of time.

My nose is stuffy and my throat feels as though there is a golf ball in it. My eyes are even a little teary. Yuck. I dislike this feeling, and can only hope that it does not progress into anything more.

Member Orientations are going really well. Tonights group was fairly large and all eager to see and hear about our plans all the while checking us out, thus far. Three Life Time Members, and seven Annual Members. New faces as well as old friends. Testament to my activism for sure.

It warms my soul to see the library coming together so quickly for everyone. The donations to it, are pouring in and more keep coming. Yeah!

Jim phoned me today and early next week he is coming up to space to hang art on our walls. His art! Very cool. And I have a volunteer who is coming in to hang the rest of the pieces that have arrived to us from other artists.

Woah, am I ever weary. Friday is a slow day for me, I have plans of working from bed only.

It is time for me to recover and catch some of the rest, that I have been forgoing lately in lieu of business.


Monday, February 04, 2008

Random happenings

T was home. From behind a partially closed bathroom door, I hear a low groan noise. Something like...."Aaawwhhh".

I say loudly "what is it?"

My daughter says in an exasperated voice, "THIS is proof that I do not live in a NORMAL household".

And as I look down the hall I could see her head sticking round the corner of the bathroom door as she held up a Tupperware container filled with about eighteen distinctly different *penises, it was all that I could do but laugh and agree.

*the remnants of my Friday night Private Class at a home party out in the Valley - I'm a little behind on cleaning all my dicks :)



Film Screening: She’s a Boy I Knew, and Q&A Discussion with Director Gwen Haworth

Part of UBC’s Outweek 2008 offering. For more info click here.

Wednesday February 13th 2008

Time: 6pm (Reception) 7pm (Film Screening)
Location: TBA
Cost: Admission by donation

Outweek is pleased to present Gwen Haworth’s award winning documentary She’s a Boy I Knew. There will be a reception before the screening and refreshments will be served. Director Gwen Haworth will be attending the screening and hosting a Q&A discussion after!

Co-sponsored by the UBC Equity Office, Positive Space Campaign and UBC Department of Theatre and Film.

Click here for more information about the film.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

drifting away

The industrial park I had pulled into was set along the water of the North Shore. The area is newly developed and great care was taken in how the landscape is laid out. It is, quite nice compared to others. Still I was startled slightly to find my destination on ground level of a three-story building. It looked rather nondescript.

Parking and quickly making a bee-line for the door, as it was freezing. Inside I was greeted warmly and made comfortable quickly. My coat was taken. I was seated. People kept touching me, gently, as they introduced themselves to me. Someone brought me the House Tea. Papers were filled out.

I am taken to another room. They hand-me-over to women, who explain my day to me. Oh-My-Goddesses this is a unique scenario for me. One of them takes me on the Grand Tour. Every square inch of the facility is gorgeous and complete, nothing is left undone in this place of beauty. Where I thought it small in appearance and plain from the outside, the inside gave way to much more than could ever be imagined from just driving by.

When I finally floated out the front door, I was hard pressed to say farewell to the serenity I'd found.

Thank you RC for sending me off on a day of extravagance. From head-to-toe I feel loved and pampered. Friday was a great kick - start to a weekend full of delights.