Saturday, January 19, 2008

Down The Rabbit Hole

There are two tradesmen here working, they shouldn't take too long this afternoon. The three of us were at Home Depot just a short while ago. New light fixtures, hinges for a kitchen cabinet, moldings and wood for a door, all final details really. There is so little left now to take care of.

The sounds of the saw cutting the remaining pieces, certainly fill me with immense pride. Both guys are humble hard workers, and good friends too. A joy to have such people in my life helping to bring to fruition such a grand vision.

It is next time for the art to hit the walls, and the greenery to fill in the place. I'm contracting a few different artists to exhibit there work here on a rotational basis. Some where in the next week, the last of the framed art will be arriving and hung, and before this happens I hope to have made it to a plant store to find at least three or four different trees for in here.

RC is at work today, he will be home tonight around 7:30 or so. I will be waiting for him, all dressed up in provocative clothing. Dinner will be almost ready. Scotch poured and his robe hung next to the shower.

On my mind the last while, has been the playful memory of one of our early dates together. RC was blindfolded, naked and laid out on his living room floor. I was crouched next to him on the floor, with a crock-pot filled with hot melted wax plugged into the wall.

With wide strokes from my paint brush, I swept dripping heated wax across the exposed body of RC. He gasped repeatedly, but not once said stop. He just laid there, moaning, with his cock engorged, standing strong and upright. Between the wax on his body in strokes, drips and splashes, he soon was encased in layer upon layer of sensation seeking wonder.

I surmise that tonight will involve more wax, nudity and sex as part of our weekend of debauchery.

Friday, January 18, 2008


On the Libido Events website, we have started listing information on our Orientation Nights For Members. There are already four dates up on our calendar in the coming two weeks, where we will be moving people through the process of Orientation, and welcoming them to the new facility.

This morning my PA (personal assistant) and I worked for over two hours, planning the layout of the welcome packages and the first Free events that are in the works for our peeps who have waited so long and patiently for us to finally open.

This is a child-free weekend for us. I plan on giving RC three days of debauchery to excite and titillate him beyond his best at-home-fantasy.

Red silk sheets are covering the mattress, with sex toys, already plugged in laying out-of-the-way on the floor alongside our bed. Candles are in all the holders and aroma therapy fills the air.

There is a massage table set up in the living room, with oils, potions, towels and candles. There is scotch in the kitchen and cigars in the humidifier. Together we are naked and freshly showered.

We played Wii for quite awhile. I think we have about five different games so far. Tis much fun! We ate delectable roast chicken & yams, fuel was going to be necessary for us to continue.

I sucked his cock, it had been demanding my attention all night long as it swung about while we played Wii. I may have squished his penis as well as done a few minor sadistic things to it with love.

No matter what I did, it wasn't enough to scare him away because shortly he was licking my pussy while sitting in the living room chair. Each cheek of his face, in between my thighs as I laid out comfortably on the massage table twitching in uncontrollable delight. His tongue did an oral caress that was just what I needed in that moment.

I electrocuted him with my new Violet Wand, and he loved it. When someone is trembling saying God NO, that implies they are enjoying something, yes? Over and over again, he enjoyed being zapped, while screaming God NO. It took some convincing to get him to stay still enough for me to make the wand arc enough to zap his cock just so. I was really happy. Who knew that zapping RC's armpits, backs of knees and ear lobes could be such giddy-fun!

Then I let him, all the while he was laughing uncontrollably, use the wand with all its electricity and intensity on my naked bits: and again, fun laughter and squirming had taken over. And to be keep everything even, I spread my legs, allowing RC access to zap my vulva. And he did! With much delight.

We ate ice cream in the living room. Me double chocolate chunk with squares of fudge. And RC some vanilla bean flavor. I ate more than him for sure and it was well needed, all those calories.

There were some mouthfuls of ice cream, after kissing RC, that distinctly tasted like me. Mmm.

Then came the sex. Acrobatic monkey love. Even with new silk sheets on the bed, we do the down & dirty bent over the massage table utilizing the plush living room chair for traction. He slid his cock in my vulva so fast, and with much thrusting, gusto and panting noises, enough friction and vibrations took place, that suddenly uncontrollably there was wet, slick slippery orgasms escaping all over the place.

Tomorrow is a sexy costume, cane, wax and knives added in to our play. Our adult-playground is vibrant and ever changing.

Our sex is exciting, because we set it up to be. Invest in what is important to you, and the benefits will come back to you in abundance.

We make one another quiver.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

the cage gets attention

The cage is exquisite. I found myself on my hands and knees alongside it the other day, looking at it with a wave of nostalgia.

You see I was once in relationship so important to me, that what directed us as unit was his Dominance and my submission. Being locked up naked in a cage was a very hot idea to me. Bent snugly over the cage, legs spread wide tied tight with rope, splayed. Makes my girl bits tingle to reflect on those early years of my sexual liberation.

Fast forward a few years, and someone who loved me, made me a cage. It was sold during our relationship ending.

Again a few more years goes by and now I am a switch. I have found my own Dominant core and yet bottoming still resonates with me strongly and with a sense of urgency at times.

Last week the cage was purchased. I drove it to the facility with it in the back of the vehicle, all the while pondering the future possibilities, now that I own "my own cage" now.

Back when Kara was still my service bottom she liked to be folded up small. We enjoyed and had much fun putting her in suitcases, boxes, utility trunks and laundry bins to keep her packaged up tight and out-of-the-way. She too, liked tight confined cases.

RC, well, I have the perfect plan of what to do to him in the cage, and it involves the help of a few of my women friends. I had to share my idea with him though, to entice him to consider trying a cage "as play". I won, he goes in the cage, and I get my scene. Yippee!

The women in my life today, suffice to say, they are all salivating over the cage, and vying over who will be "the first" to get a play experience in/on it. I am very good at keeping my partners happy and making sure everyone feels important all the while still getting attention from me.

Having unique play equipment that allows our attendees to play in ways they never could at home, titillates and excites me to no-end.

I've been thinking about the floor of the cage. Right now, it is just cold hard steel bars. Some, including myself, would say that left as is, it is very sexy.

However given that I want those locked within it to have a good time, it is a thought to put a solid bottom on the cage, and cover it in a piece of plush soft carpet. I will ask the contractor on Saturday morning when he comes to do some final tinkering around the facility, if he wouldn't mind making a removable bottom for the cage.

Yes, there is a Solid Lock on the cage door silly, we can't have anyone escaping now can we?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Where did it go?

I spent a chunk of time today doing a few domestic items that needed tending to. Groceries, laundry, vacuuming, cooking, drug-store, and a few other boring tasks, were all things I accomplished.

While driving about, I started to reminisce about this past Christmas, and the joy we shared together as a family. Then, I started laughing out-loud remembering a "more intimate moment" shared between RC & I.

We were on the island, staying with RC's parents for a few days over the holidays to celebrate Christmas together.

It all started late the night before. In the dark of night, with no lights on, and as we got into bed, we ending up fooling around. Then we ended up having sex. Surprise!

Condom wrapper and condom are thrown about our Private Bedroom floor, the door is closed. No one will enter, it is not a concern.

We fall asleep, locked in a strong embrace together.

The next morning, we awaken and start another day. RC is setting the temperature of the water for us in the en suite bathroom for our shower, as I am in the bedroom cleaning up.

First I find the condom wrapper. Right on the floor, a few feet from the bed, where it had been tossed the night before.

Then, I search and search and search, and can not find the condom itself.

I look through the bed thoroughly before I make it, No Condom.

I lift up the very proper white lace bed skirt, No Condom.

I check on the walls, god-help-us-DO-NOT let it be stuck to a wall, No Condom.

I scan the entire floor area, No Condom.

Dismayed at the where abouts of the condom, I head into the next room.

"RC have you seen the condom from last nights sex? I can't find it anywhere" I say to him as we are both standing naked in the bathroom.

The bathroom has two doors, one into the hallway, and the other into the bedroom that we were staying in.

Before RC can even say no to my question, because I can see the words forming on his face and mouth. Walking along the hallway happily, in slow motion, is the little family dog.

And firmly in her mouth, she is carrying The Condom between her teeth.

Astonished at what I see, my eyes grow wide, and I point urgently at the dogs mouth, all the while calling her name and motioning towards RC to capture her.

In a fast grab at the dog, considering he was laughing so hard, RC retrieved The Condom from the dog, and promptly disposed of it, properly.

It seems that although we closed our bedroom door to the hallway the night before, we had not closed the bathroom doors, and the dog had entered that way.

It's lucky we didn't break our necks in shower, as we were laughing so hard at ourselves and the dog.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Home bound

Try as I may to leave the house today to complete some of the many items that have accumulated on my to-do list lately, I was unfortunately unable to find the strength to even dress myself.

My day was spent in RC's robe, lounging around working on the laptop in the peace of the living room, then later mid afternoon, I could be found napping in bed, with laptop on the floor next to me.

The nap happened though after RC had tied me to the head board with rope face up, and then had his way with me. It is a spectacular view to be tied tight, and see his head bobbing between my thighs. It is so good to be loved like this.

I would have made a meal for the family, but had no interest in exerting any energy. The man went out and picked up dinner for us all. Thankfully too, as I was famished by that point.

My In Box was in need of some attention today and then I found a few minutes to clean off my desktop, here are a few photos to enjoy of naughty interest.

First, the new cage we picked up last week for the club...

Second, a photo of my sexy birthday cake, made by a friend T. who is a professional baker. This was for my 35th back in October. What a cake and party that was! Click on the cake to enlarge it, so you can read the words written on it.

This evening I did three things that scared me, three things that I had been putting off due to personal fear. I feel so free to have completed these daunting tasks that have been hanging over my head, now I can move on from this point and conquer the next challenges that life puts before me.

Monday, January 14, 2008

the day after

Not so much sleep for me last night. I was still wound tight. This morning I had an appointment at 9 am so was out the door plenty early despite my body being tired and wanting to remain in the comfort of my own bed.

By the time I got home it was early afternoon. I awoke RC, who was in deep slumber after a 7-7 shift overnight. A short while later found us out at a mall purchasing a new vacuum for LL and picking up some cool graphics for the walls. We certainly needed the vacuum as I was tired of hauling ours to and from the club.

We returned home in plenty of time for dinner, were I fed everyone and together we caught up on life. RC helped me tidy up some of the mess remaining from Taboo, however there is still a bit of organizing left, that unfortunately only I can do. Perhaps tomorrow, as I am too fatigued for any more now.

It was a family game of Scrabble tonight and I find amusing that the letters I end up with form words on the board like..... WOMAN, LOINS & YONI. I had also MONS and PEAK at other times, just no where to put them. The family says it because I am always thinking in terms of sexual empowerment.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day Four - The End

Sunday is always quieter, no matter the industry. Sex is no exception. The show was open half an hour by the time we arrived at 12:30 in the afternoon. The most laid back of days for me, in terms of costuming and make-up which quite frankly was needed because everyone working at show, yes, me included, are all exhausted by day four of this monster trade show for sex.

This also means that the crowds were a little thinner and not so liquored up. I may have forgot to mention that drinking is abundant at the show, as most grab a drink and tour round shopping with it in hand. Today was more mellow than any other day yet everyone was still in a frenzy to make quick purchases from all the vendors before they packed up their wares and left. Many of course only have on-line boutiques, or are out of province.

My classes this afternoon were G-Spotting and Sex Tips and both were, filled-right-up! There were people in the audience who liked my classes the day before so much, that they returned to Taboo just to see my next two classes today. And I loved the people in the audience who would suddenly pull out pen & paper and start taking notes.

RC taped the classes today for me, I've watched them already. I've been told I am not to change any of my presentation style, without consulting my posse. It seems they think I am too hard on myself and may well change something that actually works well, and does need anything done to it.

Getting into the frame of mind, to not only educate but to keep engaged a huge number of class participants takes some mental prep work on my behalf. Add into this, RC set-up in the middle of the seminar area with a camera and tripod and yeah, it felt for a brief moment like pressure, then, not so much.

Its so hard to believe it is all over now, I completed all eight classes. There were a solid core group of friends who made possible the smooth look of my classes to each of you, my sincere Thanks for a job well done.

My office area looks like a tornado hit. Some time tomorrow after a massage and a deep sleep perhaps I will have the energy to put everything back where it belongs.

Elated by the success of my classes at Taboo and out future together, it is now time for me to "come down" from the energetic place I have floated in for the past four days.

Time to turn my activist self off and let the woman and mother shine now.