Saturday, October 27, 2007

silly fun

The pinata is FULL. Inside there can be found...

vibrators, memberships to sex clubs and private dungeons, cock rings, lube condom and bath salt samples, quickie sex kits and free tickets to upcoming Naughty Parties.

I can't wait to see, who actually smashes the damn thing open. I'm bringing my red nerf bat specifically for this purpose.

My bags are packed and shortly I'm off to meet the volunteer crew.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Sex Party Vancouver

Located in downtown Vancouver at the corner of
Hornby and Dunsmuir Streets for those driving
easily accessible bus and by Sky Train
as we are one block from the Burrard Street Train Station for those
relying on Transit.
This is your opportunity to partake in carnal
pleasures, meet new friends and
watch others enjoy themselves.
Join us...

October 27 Saturday 8:00pm - 1:30am

PLAY PARTY- a sex-positive event

and Jennifer's 35th birthday celebration at midnight!

brought to you by Libido Events

The Hornby - 3rd Floor 595 Hornby Street Vancouver BC

Tickets: $25 Woman / $50 Couples & Single Men - pay at door, cash

FREE for Libido Lounge Life Time Members (your guests pay $25 rate)

Dress Code: fetish, lingerie, risque, pvc, leather, dress up or else

NO STREET WEAR- for what to wear see below #'s 19 & 20

*No membership required, must be 19 years +

The elevator doors open into a red-carpeted room lit with light
bright enough to see by yet dim enough to create an inviting mood. A
smiling volunteer offers to check any coats and bags you won't be
needing for the evening ahead of you. Then after making your payment,
you are finally permitted to see what is behind the screen blocking
your view of the rooms and noise beyond.

A full pay bar sits at one side of the main room (you can leave your
credit card with them), which holds chairs and candle-lit tables with
light snacks for a casual socializing atmosphere. Further on, there is
a massive room, 2500 sq. ft set up with BDSM furniture (suspension

frames, spanking benches, tables with anchor points, intermixed with
massage tables and other naughty sex pieces) and beyond them is a
no-voyeurs room for couples only sex play with seven full beds and
1000 sq ft. The space has music piped in and contains a stocked area
of safer sex supplies, fresh bedding, massage oils and cleanup
supplies. Even if you are early, you may see someone already at play
in the rooms -- people here are keen to have fun and make the most of
their night out.

A Libido Events Naughty Party has an atmosphere distinctly different
from a fetish night. It shares the no-streetwear rule: wear your
fetish wear, sexy clothing or even nothing at all (the temperature on
this floor is set to "naked"). No jeans, sweat pants, boxer shorts or
flannel pj bottoms. Dress to impress. However, the main difference is
that sex and kink are not kept separate. You are as likely to see
someone tied to a table and receiving oral sex as you are to see
someone bent over getting a spanking or flogging. Swingers,
kinksters, voyeurs, exhibitionists and people of every sexuality are
welcome. Come see for yourself what a Naughty Party is like.

jennifer AT



of Clean, Used Double, Queen & King Sized Fitted Sheets. Bring them to the party
and deposit to the bin at front registration. Thank you greatly they'll go to
really good use as you can well imagine.



Massage Information

nicole is a local sensual masseuse who is delighted to add some
sensuality to your night. She uses a combination of swedish massage
techniques and acupressure to gently coax the stress out of your

Come get a massage to relax you before you start a scene or to calm
you down afterwards...

1$ per minute or $20 for 25 minutes

**please bring cash, OR there is a bank machine in the building

Want a little bit more? Add $10 to the price of your massage for some
super sexy topless body sliding.



Jennifer's Tips for a Successful Experience
at a Libido Events Play Party

Read About The Parties

Thursday, October 25, 2007

my 35th birthday

Sunday is my birthday. I will be 35 years young. I know this as the birthday cards are starting to fill the living room and my in box is filled with gifts and ecards. It is remarkable to believe that I have done so much in my life, in such a short period of time. I feel so loved and blessed.

Saturday night is our monthly Naughty Play Party. And at midnight it becomes my birthday, I am going to celebrate with all who attend, do celebratory spankings, eat cake and break a very ADULT pinata open wide.

RC's parents went on an Alaskan cruise together. As a gift they brought me back a genuine fur pair of pasties and an absolutely stunning pair of matching panties with a deliciously smooth soft fur front, and a rear fur little tail. I've never seen anything like these, I can't wait to wear them. I adore uniqueness and frown upon boring and usual. This new little number, all the pieces for the outfit, sit easily in the palm of my hand and will sure to be attention getting. Who knew my mother and father in-law would be so sex-positive!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Cunnilingus all over the city

I set my bag on the back seat, with my purse next to it. Standing inside the vehicles passenger door, I lifted one leg up high and spread myself just so. High enough to expose my naked and earlier in the day shaved pussy and the rest of the view of me in fishnet stockings under a new blueish green wool tunic.

RC leaned over from the passenger seat and after licking one finger, traced it slickly & slowly along my right inner lip. The pouty one. I moaned excited as he smelled me on him then rubbed my taste across his tongue as I slid into my seat next to him for the drive home.

With my legs parted, he ran his free not driving hand along my stocking clad legs that he'd only been able to see across the room all night. I was moist, and all a wiggle.

Finally the elevator door closes and he is on his knees in front of me, nuzzling his way between my thighs and up towards my scent. With barely just the tip of his tongue, he traced the creases of my sex until the wetness upon my lips was my own self lubrication.

The elevator door opened, right as I was ready to give my self up to him completely. With my knees shaking, RC took me by the hand and led me home for what shall be called very endearing love making.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Threesome Vancouver

I can not wait to hand this evenings class over to the attendees as the interest in this particular class has been huge for me. Bring a notebook and pen if you are attending otherwise you will kick yourself for not note taking..

TONIGHT.....October 22 Monday
from 7:00 - 9:00pm

Creating a Good Threesome (for the inexperienced)
presented by Jennifer
Venue: The Love Nest 4687 Kingsway Burnaby BC
(directly across from Metrotown)
$25 per person OR $45 couple pay at door, no advance tickets

The threesome, a.k.a. the menage a trois is a common fantasy held by
many healthy adults. Three people of any combination of males or
females having sex with each other, can also be called group sex.

As a single person looking to meet up with a couple for a sizzling
good time or a couple wanting to find another couple or a single to
add to your sexual experience, this is the class to prepare you for
this rewarding play time.

Planning on having a threesome can seem intimidating however with a
little preparation you can go into the situation with confidence, a
clear understanding of your own rules & boundaries, and imaginative
ideas for how to initiate your own threesome opportunity.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Wizard has a surprise

J.K. Rowling said yesterday that...

Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts school
is gay!

News like this, just makes my day.