Saturday, December 26, 2009

Bare Breasts

Minutes after our son was born last month he was laid upon my bare chest. The hospital calls this time, Mother and Baby Skin-to-Skin For The First Hour. It is mandatory and it helps with the bonding process between mothers and their newborns.

Pickle was not upon my body more than a minute before he started crying enough for me to offer him my breast.

I looked up at Jason and said "take out my ring". And as quickly as I said those words, I was met with ... "really, are you sure? Don't you want to try with it in?"

Smiling and rather confident I came back with "No. Take it out". Then in one fast motion my right ring was removed from my nipple and thereby was the end of the life of that piece of jewelery.

There was no hesitation, nor regret. Rather an overwhelming feeling of doing the right thing, which brought with it immense satisfaction as I looked down to see our son making his first attempts at nursing.

My nipple slid into his mouth and I was met with the comforting sound of quiet as he found his way to his source of nourishment and love.

It was but a short while later that I had Jason remove the left piercing as well. I had wanted to keep them both in and try to breast feed our little man with them in, yet when it came down to it and he was in my arms, all I wanted to do was feed him, with no barriers in the way.

A few days ago now I handed Jason my jewelry and asked him to try inserting them both back in. He tried and with no luck. We will try again in a few days this time with some lubricant and perhaps a brighter light.

Should the holes close over and I not be able to have the rings put back in, I won't be getting pierced again. My nipple rings were done many years ago, in the beginning of my sexual journey, back when my being a sexual outlaw was still in it's infancy and I was someones slave. I have grown so much since those days, and enough so that my kinkiness is no-longer defined by how many body adornments I have, nor by being a bottom only.

I will say though, that another reason I won't be pierced again in the nipples, is that as I remember it, it just hurt to damn much.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Susie Bright

“Look at her. All over. Linger anywhere you like. When she notices (and she will if you’re really looking), hold her eyes with yours. Hold them close. This is the essence of cruising, the experience that all the virtual reality and phone sex in the world will never replace. It is also the moment of truth. You’ll know then and there whether she wants you or not.”

Susie Bright (B. 1958) American writer, editor

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Two highlights of my day. First, the Pickle went to Home Depot without me, Jason wore him in a Snuggly.

Secondly I managed to take a few fairly decent photos of the little man in a festive setting.

As of this evening I have started to catch up on over due phone calls. The list is long, but hey, I can talk while seated with a child in my arms, nursing at my breast.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Antics

Some general updates just so you don't think I've neglected writing or my commitment to my blog.

This weekend was rather peaceful, all things considered. The whole family being home bound and all was rather nice.

Friday we went to Richmond and bought the baby a second stroller. A smaller one for quick jaunts and that fits easily into the back of the Jeep. It is fantastic and we had some color choices so we ended up with a great apple green one. Thanks David and M for the awesome gift card, it went to something perfect and we are really grateful for your kindness. The store was amazing too. It took everything out of me to make the trek to the mall and I promptly fell asleep in the vehicle on the way home.

Also Friday afternoon the hospital called and I return on the 29th for yet another IV and another MRI. Hopefully at the end of this appointment the Infectious Disease doctor will have a plan of attack for how to deal with my infection in my jaw. We know already what they think they will end up doing yet are hopeful a secondary and less intrusive plan of fixing everything can be found.

Saturday was all about napping. I napped and Jason took care of the Pickle. This was greatly needed, the nap that is. I was starting to feel like a zombie. Then I had a nice hot bath which made me feel almost human again. Finally we spent the latter part of the evening wrapping Christmas presents and hanging out with the teenager, then we were in bed by ten PM.

Today has been a wee bit rushed, but well worth it. We spent the entire afternoon over at a friends home where they made us lunch and we hung out talking for hours. Kinky friends are the best, specifically because there is no need to hide any facet of ones self. We spent four hours catching up, the time just flew on by and having people cook us a meal was extra nice for a change.

By the time we got home in the pouring rain, it was all we could do to get into our robes and set ourselves in front of the TV. I made us a fast dinner and then with the teenager joining us we watched Inglorious Bastards, what an incredible movie. Not one I would have chosen to watch on my own, but yet after seeing it, so glad that I did. Magnificent.

So yeah, our weekend contained enough activity to leave us as new parents exhausted. The Pickle is sweet, lively and definitely no where near ready to being on a schedule of any sort. I am attempting to get myself back on some sort of routine, yet am finding it difficult.

It is hard to believe the babe is 3 weeks old today.