Monday, April 28, 2008

Restraining Order

This Thursday March 1, you better plan on attending. Because this may well be our fastest growing, and exciting regular weekday event yet.

Restraining Order - play and social event

You might be fit to be tied or tied to be fit. You might be very, very knotty or a complete rope novice. You can have a hankering to be bound and suspended or an interest in learning the perfect hog tie. What matters most is that you’ve got an interest in bondage and would like to spend a casual evening with like minded individuals.

Restraining Order is Libido Lounge’s twice monthly Bondage Night, a light and fun evening of snacks, socializing and the possibility of making the acquaintance of truly intriguing souls with a shared interest. Couples, singles, men and women are welcome. Bring your bondage gear and a willing spirit. You might learn something new or teach something new, but one thing is hoped, you’ll enjoy yourself!

Bondage aficionados are generally keen to show off their skills, so Restraining Order is a great place to learn if you’ve always wondered about tying up a partner or being tied up yourself. Ask questions; you’ll find out favourite rope lengths, dying methods, materials and the benefits of each.


DROP - IN / $25 cash per person, or $40 per couple
Life Time Members $5
Cash Pay at door

Sunday, April 27, 2008

last nights party

Last nights party was a lot of fun. Most every one there played in some fashion and even the singles, many of them, found themselves a part of play with other couples.

At one point all four queen sized beds were in use and the new stocks were being used along with the gyn. table and the bondage table. And there were two couples on the suspension frame. Both large rooms had almost every piece of equipment in use. Though not all. We've got an abundance, that's for sure.

The kitchen bitches as they proclaimed themselves, did such a wonderful job. Can't thank them enough for making all the food look yummy on display and for helping guests with there hunger pangs and drink requests.

RC my love was so wonderful to all our guests, and to me. You own my heart.

And at the end of the evening, we spent eight minutes tidying up. Then turned off the remaining heat and lights, before walking out the door of our own place. Which I might point out, is already clean and beautifully ready for our next event there. No more set up, take down, hauling equipment around.

Have you seen the May Calendar, go look now.