Saturday, January 30, 2010

Medical Crap

The nurse came by today as I am a part of the home IV program, and I was due for my regular check-in. Sitting at the kitchen table she undid my dressings and cleaned my PICC site. Then she set about trying to draw some blood and attempting to flush my line. (I normally do these things, but once a week she does it and then completes some paperwork on how it went)

Let's just say that I was greatly disturbed when time and time again she unable to get a draw on blood from my line. Then finally she tried to flush the line and it was really, really difficult to push through.

Another problem and not one that a home nurse can fix. She bandaged me back up and left for her office. She called about 90 minutes later to say that the hospital was expecting me and to make my way there.

Off I went, with the Pickle and Jason in tow. Into the Emergency room, where we were treated fast and very well. (a perk as Jason works there and most know him)

I had TPA pushed into my PICC. It's a blood thinner and it breaks down clots. Seems I had a clot on the end of my line and it needed to be cleared. Oh joy. It scared me half to death to get blood thinners and to know that I had a clot too.

A few hours after arriving I was bandaged back up, my pump was turned back on, and I was sent home. Minus the blood clot.

It's crazy the amount of stress this whole situation has created. And on Monday, I will be half way through the minimum number of weeks of treatment that have been ordered. I'll be so glad to get my next MRI to see where things are at in my jaw currently.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lubricant necessary

After discussing sexy commercials and advertisements with some Lounge members, Bernard sent this ad to me. He described it well, but hey the image is a million times better.

Of course it is a advertisement for personal lubricant. It's subtle and very well done.

Some things just would not be possible without the slippery stuff.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


It's to be expected I suppose. I barely feel very womanly these days.

Between being a patient, a milk dispenser and a poo changer, the opportunity to spend time on myself has been non existent.

I really need an appointment for a hair cut and color. Another booking for a manicure and a pedicure. And of course an hour and a half with my massage therapist.

Though all the work in the world could be done on me to make the shell look awesome, yet in my closet is next to nothing that fits my frame properly. A shopping trip is necessary to find some new pieces for me to mix and match with what I already have so I can feel attractive again as I go about life in some properly fitting clothes.

I've not worn cosmetics in months and my beauty regime is at a complete stand still. Some days just brushing my teeth is an accomplishment and bathing is down right difficult. My right arm has to stay dry and my pump has to be hung in the tub with me --- shaving is comical and I'm lucky I've not cut off a labia lip as I fumble an attempt to make myself smooth.

Finding clothes that fit over my PICC line is not impossible but truly not easy. Finding new bras that support my nursing breasts is necessary. New slacks and a pair of yoga pants are a must, and with these I also require new sensible shoes with no heel. I have virtually no flats what so ever.

Getting the time away from the baby for some me time is going to be a challenge yet I know I need to make the effort to do these things so I feel better about myself.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Help Two Local Artists

On December 25th/09 a good friend of mine who is an artist along with her artist friend (whom she shared a studio space with) lost all of their art, art supplies, furniture and journals/references among other things to a terrible fire that burned down our studio to the ground.

Wonderful friends have organized a fundraiser for the two of them to help then get a fresh start.

Many local artists and merchants of the neighborhood have generously donated art, products and services for the fundraiser which is the result of a great community spirit.

Here’s what:

Fundraiser on Jan 29th/2010 at the
Third Avenue Gallery
1727 West 3rd Ave from 7-11 pm


There will be a silent art auction and raffles with all kinds of cool goods and art, food, wine and music. Please let others know about it. It'd be lovely to see you at this event.

Thanks so much,

Sonja Hebert

PS. I wish to let those of you know who have an interest in acquiring pieces of mine, that 6 panels of a 16 piece series completed in the late fall where exhibited at the Atsui Gallery in The Evolution of Inspiration show last November. These 6 saved ones were stored at the gallery until the end of December hence their survival. I will send more info and images about these works in early March, but you can always contact me via this email if you have an interest in securing a piece now.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sensual Massage Night

As a Lounge member, you should try out this blissful event -- further you are welcome to reserve for a non member guest as well. Get yourself on the guest list now while there are still spots left.

FRIDAY JANUARY 29, 7:30 - 10:15 PM
Cost $25 member / $45 couple / $30 non member guest
Open to Couples, Women & Men

Please note that you must also have your $25 cash renewal cost on you if your member number is PRE 516. Your renewal is good for 12 months.

Here is your chance to get a sensual massage and to give a sensual massage in a safe environment.

This social relaxing event is open to men and women and is an all inclusive environment. You'll be respectfully touched by people of both sexes.

The evening starts with a short group ritual and then a conversation about group rules around boundaries to ensure each person gets the experience they are seeking. Then we break into groups on The Lounges countless massage tables.

Depending on the number of people attending each person will be massaged for a period of time, before "returning the favor". You may well have two or three sets of hands working you over at some point.

The event is non sexual, your preferences for pressure and massage placement will be honored.

There is no dress code, though wearing clothing easy to remove is most helpful. You may choose to be massaged while nude, or while wearing underwear.

You *must* bring your own towel. Massage oils are provided, though feel free to bring your favorite.

Snacks will be out and subtle music will fill the air.