Saturday, February 06, 2010


Visualize for a moment what I am about to share with you.

It's very, very late at night. Close to midnight and I've been awake since 7 in the morning ... this means that I am rather tired.

I am walking down the hallway from the living room towards the bathroom and bedrooms in the dark of night.

I'm only wearing capri pajama bottoms.

Attached to my left breast and laying in my left arm is a 13 pound baby nursing periodically as he puts himself to sleep.

In my right hand is my IV bag, which is rather hefty.

My bladder is about to burst so I make a pit stop for the toilet. This is when I realize I am going to have a struggle getting my pants down.

I could call out for Jason, but that would wake the baby. Instead, I grab the bottom end of one pajama leg with my toes on my right foot and pull. Then do the same with the left foot. Then when my pants are low enough I sit and pee.

I drop the IV bag to the floor, grab some toilet paper and wipe all the while in the pitch black of the bathroom. The sound of my pee hitting the water has stirred the wee man.

Before I stand up, I kick off my pants as they are now low enough to do so. Then I grab the IV bag from the floor and attempt to get up without shifting so much that I wake the person with the power to keep me awake for even longer.

Now I shuffle off to bed where I lay my pump by my head. Put the tubes under the pillow and then strategically maneavour myself into a somewhat comfortable position for sleep. What's most important is the bundle of joy laying next to me, has in his mouth my breast STILL.

Sometime in the next thirty minutes or so, he'll pop my nipple out and I'll be free for about four hours, to sleep without him hanging off of me.

The pump and tubes however will remain as a constant for a few more weeks yet.

Navigating day to day living is an honest to goodness challenge right now, and I wish nothing more to be back to normal sooner rather than later.

Friday, February 05, 2010


The day of productivity ... such is life. Jason's first day off of three and we spent it running around tending to a number of things on the To-Do List of life.

Shopping for a new vehicle on car lots, then an appointment at the bank as we are buying one. Contractors at the Lounge putting in a new bathroom sink while another framed the inside entrance door in crown moldings and hung a matching coat rack. A stop at the fruit and veggie store to replenish supplies. A vehicle load of pop to top up our supply at the Lounge. Supplies for the feline in our house.

By the time we arrived back home just over six hours had gone by and we were wiped.

I laid out topless on the sofa, with the Pickle next to me. Then I dropped a breast into his mouth and he ate in between him and I cat napping while Jason cooked us dinner.

My state of exhaustion is high these days, it's a combination of medication, lack of sleep, new motherhood and over extending myself. So at 8:30 I promptly declared that I needed to go to bed. I left Jason and the baby together watching tv and off I went.

We managed to accomplish a lot in the day, and I was so glad to not have to do it all on my alone. Hauling a car seat in and out of the vehicle with a baby in it is tiring in off itself, let alone all that needed to be done.

We had lofty plans of an afternoon nap and some raunchy sex, sadly neither of those very exciting activities happened. Tomorrow is another day though and we will try again.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Classes X 2 at The Lounge Sun & Mon

SUNDAY February 7, 4:30 - 6:30PM
Play Party Etiquette class
$25 person / $40 couple - members only
presented by Jennifer
Libido Lounge, North Burnaby
Reservations Required:

Please note that you must also have your $25 cash renewal cost on you if your member number is PRE 516. And your renewal is good for 12 months.

An overview of how to behave at a public or private play event, and how to be successful at them.

Everyone has varying levels of experience when it comes to meeting others, knowing what activities they enjoy and even being comfortable enough to attend events. This class will help paint a picture of the play party scene, and will give attendees the chance to learn etiquette, safety considerations, safer sex concerns and a host of other necessary topics.

We will talk at length about how to be successful at the many different events Libido Lounge offers and how to prepare yourself properly to ensure positive play and social interactions.

* Asking for what you want
* Clothing choices
* Events and rules
* Finding someone to play with
* How to negotiate
* Planning what to bring
* Safer sex
* Using the facility
* Whose in charge
* To touch or not?

This is an information rich class for anyone looking to gain the confidence and facts necessary to move forward successfully at play parties.


MONDAY February 8, 7:00 - 9:00 PM
Kiss Me Like This - Interactive Couples Only class
presented by Jennifer & Jason
Cost: Cash $45 couple

Please note that you must also have your $25 cash renewal cost on you if your member number is PRE 516. And your renewal is good for 12 months.

Kisses are at times tender, endearing, sexy, suave, teasing and sophisticated. From the subtle, through the pre-coital, to the full on public display of affection variety, this class will ignite some passion between your lips and in your relationship.

You and your partner will be guided through an awakening of oral delights. You'll be shown how to deliver a multitude of kisses and given tips to interpret smooch reactions and read body language. Learn to be the recipient of kisses as well as how to differentiate and master many lip locks to have your lover feeling everything from teased to toe curling pleasure.

Please bring a large blanket and two pillows to class. You will only practice on the partner that you came with.

The instructor will lead you through the evening, and you'll leave with some serious kissing skills and a hankering to pucker-up more often.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Off the top of my head

This post is a random assortment of thoughts, links and observations.

  1. Consider how it makes you feel to learn that medical students are doing pelvic exams on unconscious non consenting women during surgeries in Canadian hospitals. Apparently these "students" need to practice on some one. Could it have been you?
  2. I spent some time today digging up work related photos for the Gallery on the Libido website.
  3. We have added a new and exciting event to our calendar, it will only be offered quarterly, so get yourself on the guest list now.
  4. Today I watched a 10 minute movie called "The Period of Purple Crying" a new way to understand your baby's crying.
  5. I have learned how to sleep with static aka white noise playing very loudly -- it calms the Pickle.
  6. A friend gave me the gift of time yesterday. While I had a manicure and pedicure, she took the baby for a walk then after wards we all sat together talking over a cold drink. What a leisurely luxury, and long over due. I am filled with gratitude.
  7. Are you a UBC student who I would recognize and know? If you are on campus next Tuesday AND/OR Thursday I need some assistance. Drop me a private note to my email address