Thursday, March 16, 2006


Given that Allena, my Bella, is Executive Director of The Wet
and my Daddy is a founder and has art in the show,
of course I'll be attending SEAF again this year. Our
family has a table for the art auction and plans on spending
all the days of SEAF surrounded by art, artists,
beauty, free expression and sex-positive culture.

Seattle Erotic Art Festival 2006
The fourth annual Seattle Erotic Art
held at Consolidated Works (500 Boren
Ave. North) in Seattle on March 24-26, 2006 will
display an expansive exhibition of contemporary
fine art that celebrates the diversity of human
sexual expression and the incredible creativity
with which artists approach the subject of
erotica. The jury and curators selected work
based on quality of execution, originality of
subject and depth of emotion from over 1,200
pieces submitted by 400 artists from around the world.

Doors open on Friday, March 24 at noon; Deities
of the Eros Costume Gala starts at 8pm. The
Festival’s many other offerings include a VIP
reception, Saturday's live auction,
installations, performance art (choreographed by
Little Red Studio, a gallery store
for small works and prints, in addition to
opportunities to attend films, lectures,
workshops and readings. Patrons will be able to
meet the artists including special guest Charles
Gatewood, “the family photographer of America's erotic underground.”

Festival Curator, Pet Silvia, co-proprietor of
the high profile New York gallery Art @ Large
(, presents work by
artists: H.R. Giger, John John Jesse, Annie
Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Barbara Nitke,
Carolyn Weltman, Michael Manning, John
Santerineross, Michele Serchuk, SEAF Award Winner
Boris Starosta, Seattle’s own Rik Garrett and more.

SEAF 2006 is proud to feature the works of SEAF
Award Winners: Hypnox, kenji signani, Andrew
Caldwell, Arice, and Jim Duvall as well as local
artists Demi Raven, Rebecca Raven, Ellen Forney,
krysztof nemeth, Randy Wood, Christian French, Derek Nobbs, and many others.

Last year, SEAF attracted over 4,000 attendees
and received significant media attention. Most
importantly, a large portion of the exhibition
and auction art at SEAF was sold (values ranged
from $100 to $7,000). The sales of prints and
small works in the Festival Store were also impressive.

SEAF was founded in 2002 by Seattle's Sex
Positive Community Center (SPCC) to promote
freedom of sexuality, speech and creativity
through the erotic expression of fine art.

Tables and seats are still available for
Saturday's live auction. Selected works will be
auctioned off by the esteemed auctioneer, Laura
Michalek. Food will be supplied by Hot Dish
Catering (formally Feeding Frenzy). You can
obtain tickets to the auction at Brown Paper

We'd like to thank our sponsors: Art at Large,
Obsidian Security, Vine St. Storage, Babeland,
The Stranger, Utilikilts, The Seattle Sinner,
Amadeo Design, Exotic Underground, Seattle Gay News and JUXTAPOZ magazine.

Additional festival information can be found at
our website.
Tickets can be purchased through Brown Paper Tickets.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

making the move from bi-curious to bisexual

Tomorrow night's class is a popular one Ladies. Arrive on time with a notebook and pen in hand, pull up a chair and ready yourself for a couple of hours of fast, fun filled sexy sexual education with yours truly.

March 15 Wednesday
7:00 - 9:30pm
Bi-Curious? Where To Start For Girls Who Want To Date Girls

a womens only class, presented by Jennifer
$25 cash, pay at door
#210 - 207 West Hastings St. (at Cambie) Vancouver
Libido Events

Bi-Curious? Where To Start For Girls Who Want To Date Girls

Making the move from bi-curious to bisexual can be a tough one. This workshop will cover the basics on dating for bisexual women. Tips on finding the right woman and on what to do when you find one will be on the list things we discuss. We will cover some tricks for writing that personal ad or finding the events and places to meet other bi-women.

We will also discuss etiquette used when dating women...because so many of us are used to dating only men. Often, bisexual women have male partners and whether, when, or even if they are included in your bisexual experiences will also be covered. Bring your questions along and as a group we'll talk about all those other common issues.

*attend alone or with a friend either way you'll be safe and comfortable with us

*note to event attendees, Libido Events when in our Hastings street studio, is a shoe free space and also smoke-free. Bottled water is always available for $1.00


Monday, March 13, 2006

open wound

Some times it's just obvious that I need to treat myself very well and tonight is one of those nights. With a delicious home cooked meal in us both, my daughter rubbed my back for 20 minutes before it was my turn to rub her down for an equal amount of relaxation time. Now she's tucked with love into her bed and I'm typing naked in the living room, shortly on my way to bed myself.

Tomorrow I work from 9:00 till 3:00pm then drive home and pick up my daughter before we head off to the local pool for a swim, sauna and hot tub. After a full days work a soak, float and swim will be in order for my over worked mind and body. I'm finding that the pool as of late has been affording me some quiet space to work through some personal issues.

Talking with Reive on Saturday night was good for me. Reive gave me his blessing to write here about one of the issues that I've been struggling with for some time. His blessing was important to me because the issue that I'm struggling with is one that he and I faced together years ago and still today has such an enormous impact on each of our lives and relationships with self & others.

After telling Reive about my recent ponderings to blog re: our past issue, I told him that I didn't need to use his name really to write about the situation and that I'd happily refer to him as someone else. Reive was so clear that he didn't like people referring to him without actually using his name, he loathed innuendos and preferred his name to be used by me.

As for other individuals in my world, I only write about people by "real first name" and circumstances if I have their expressed permission. So bear with me over the next short while as I summon the courage to write about something deeply personal and life changing, and know that all the circumstances you read about were real traumas and triumphs for myself.

Perhaps that's really what I'm working through lately, gathering the strength to personally acknowledge the traumas faced and celebrate the triumphs.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

all in a night

being out at Sin City last night brought me home this morning at 3:30. Goodness me did I ever make the most of my night out on the town. Here's a short list of some of what I got myself into...

  • BCAA came and retrieved my keys from the front seat of my car after I locked them in when getting my $4.00 parking lot ticket [before I even arrived in to the club]
  • my back was flogged while sitting in a chair by a man whose name I've forgotten
  • man who flogged me, I turned the tables on, switched things up, put him in a leather hood and handcuffs then Topped him myself, with his pants around his ankles
  • wonderfully massaged by a few different sets of warm thoughtful hands
  • Reive, an old friend kissed me and we spent well over 90 minutes together talking
  • I lost a shoe, my right one, it was pink and open toed. This makes me sad.
  • a man came and told me I'm the reason he's even at Sin City and told me the story of how he found Libido Events, then myself and how I introduced him to sex-positive culture. Empowering for me, thank you to him
  • personally introduced myself to over 30 new people
  • hung up advertising posters for my friends over at Fetwear
  • handed out free sexy goodies to the event staff at Sin City because they rock for all their hard work
  • a good friend threw himself at me, even offering me the chance to take him to the bedroom or the dungeon to have my way with me [this is big as he's scared of me in S/m]
  • was offered the chance to bottom to numerous other people last night, but I was just too busy being a social butterfly, meeting new people & catching up with old friends

I started the evening in a red pvc skirt with open lacing up each side, black 6 inch platform heels along with a black strapped shiny black pvc top. At nights end I was heading to the coat check wearing only my platforms and a red pvc thong, nothing else. A sign of a wonderful night.

Spent today window shopping Commercial Drive with a girl friend for a few hours, then we parted and I headed over to visit with my friend James. Spent part of the later afternoon hanging out in his bed with he and his girlfriend talking sex & kink. We were all at Sin City last night and lucky me as the non drinker, gets to be the one to recount to all what their activities had been.

Now that I've sent out the Libido Events March 2of2 mailout this evening, I'm about ready for bed and feeling good about all that I've done this weekened.