Friday, December 09, 2011

Thursday Highlights

Yesterday was an unusual day of sorts. Jason who is rarely sick enough to take a day off, spent the day in bed being rather unwell. Of course with my husband home bound my day of work was shot, I just never get anything completed when he's around as he is such a handsome distraction.

In the evening I headed to the Lounge to see a coaching client and then Deviant Dining, a great group gathered to eat and to laugh their asses off. The odd humor we shared last night is partly what made the event so wonderful indeed.

After dinner and late now, at 9, my friend Marilyn packed me into her car and drove me into the city for the grand opening of a new adult store. We arrived to Sweet around 9:30 and it was packed with people eating, drinking and making purchases from the new place. While there we ran into a fantastic bunch of people that we both know so we hung out with them and plotted future kinky encounters.

With luck obviously on my side, I won a huge gift basket as well and even managed to buy a swanky new pair of panties from their new line of clothing the store is carrying thanks to my pal being their buyer.